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Craft of citizenship

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 2, 2017
Words: 414
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Craft of citizenship

Explain how structured gender inequality can change Theorist Janet Chaffed explains that gender Inequality change begins at the macro- level structure, she explains that there are four different kinds of processes that can produce change. One, population growth or decline, changes In the sex ratio of the population, technological Innovations, and changes In the economic structure.

Population change: If the number of Jobs that need to be filled remains constant, Han the greater the growth In the working age population, the lower will be woman’s workforce participation. Sex ratio changes: the number of males relative to the number of females, tends to change under conditions of war and migration. Economic and technological changes: there are two general features of men’s and woman’s bodies that can influence woman’s workforce participation, men on average are stronger than woman and woman carry and nurse babies.

Skill set 1 Evaluate your participation in gender inequality drawing on Chaffed (and her concussion of micro-level interactions) and Smith (and her discussion on reliance on official texts). In other words, how are you in your daily life (face-to-face situations reliance on formal “knowledge”) challenging or upholding gender inequality? – As Chaffed used in her theory explaining micro-level interactions, in face to face situations, for me its when talking to a female, I can give an example.

Yesterday I was talking to one of my friends who is a girl and we were talking about sports and I sort f blew her off because in my head IM thinking “man she a girl, what does she know about sports”. Looking at Smith’s “reliance on formal knowledge, Just my previous occurrence with my other female friends, them knowing nothing at all about sports, I thought about those times when I proceeded not to listen to my lady friend. Skill set 2 How could Tetrahedron’s theory of Interest group formation Inform or supplement Chaffed ‘s theory of changing gender Inequality?

Well tetrahedron felt like Interest groups are formed by unequally distributed power Intrinsically Implying that society Is rife with potential conflict, he also says that Interest groups are very active In conflict. Also that there are two elements that must be met to form an interest group, communication and structural patterns of recruitment. In chaplet’s theory of changing gender inequality, she explains that as directed toward changing gender inequality, which in turn help gain elite support.

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