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How to write a research essay

High school or college students always have one fear of writing the dreaded research essay. This mammoth project makes them feel anxious until it is done satisfactorily. This article sets out to allay those fears and instil confidence in students on how to write a research essay well. So, do not fear, you have found the right place to write a research essay!

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You might ask, “What is a research essay?” Well, writing a research essay involves developing a thought and leading it up to its final conclusion by providing strong arguments in its favour. This is done by having a well-defined structure.
Here, we put forth the structure of a typical research to enable students to develop their own research papers.


Defining a research essay

A research essay requires the author to analyze the other works and compare the ideas contained therein with his or her own. This lucidly written and highly organized paper involves researching material online and offline and harmonizing it with your own ideas.
The most important aspect of a research is the thesis. It is mandatory for each research to have an original thesis which shows the writer’s research to be thorough and written clearly and honestly. Its structure is typical and consists of three parts: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.


Preparatory steps to write a research essay

  • Choose your topic: Your research topics should be those that you are comfortable with and you are knowledgeable about. Don’t choose one that is very wide in scope or you will lose control over the subject.
  • Look for information: Once you’re sure you want to go with the topic in question, surf the Net, and source material from offline sources for your paper.
  • Organize the information you have: This is an important step before you begin writing as otherwise, your paper will lack order and credibility. Take notes and jot down all the citations of the references you’re going to allude to, in your paper.
  • Create an outline of your essay: By creating an outline, you will help organize your ideas before the start. Once you develop a thesis statement, you can put together points that will support this statement. These points will serve as your sub-heads.

Those main points are your subheadings. Now, put your thoughts together under each sub-head. You are now ready to write a research essay.


How to write a good research essay

As mentioned earlier, your research begins with an Introduction.

1. Introduction
Begin by presenting the background to your essay–give it a context. You can open your essay by writing a very powerful sentence that will stop your readers in their tracks. Why not? Your research paper should not be dry, you can pep it up with powerful statements.
A powerful Introduction will serve the purposes of telling your readers the purpose of crafting this essay, why he or she should read it and it will place the importance of the main idea. The Introduction is also important for stating your claim or Thesis. State your position in a couple of sentences here.

2. Body
The Body of your research essay will contain the outline. This outline is your guide that keeps your thoughts on track. Though your thoughts will develop as you go along, remain focused on your thesis and prove all the points made therein. For each point, you make, find a supporting argument, and finish using your strongest point.

3 Conclusion
Here, you will wrap up the essay. You should restate your research thesis statement here and summarize the points made. Explain why these points support your position.
Once you’re through with writing the research essay, it’s time to set it aside for a little while and turn your attention to something else. Then, return to it and read it through, looking for little devils that could ruin it. Edit your paper manually. Then, once you finish with editing manually, use editor revisor software and run your article through it. Now, your research essay is ready for submission.


Types of research essays

As students, you will be asked to write various kinds of research essays at different points in time during your student life. Perhaps, you have already been exposed to some of them, but here’s a list of them all.
Let’s introduce you to them all.

  • Informal essay: When you write informally, as in a personal journal or diary, you will use this style. It is natural, informal and has simple sentences, full words, and contractions of words. As an author, you might also express empathy or any other emotion, depending on the nature of your writing.
  • Masters essay: Term papers that you, as a student of the Master’s program will be asked to write, constitute master’s essays.
  • Character analysis essay: Students of English literature are often asked to analyze the character in a particular novel under study. They will have to study the character from all angles and make a character analysis essay on the subject.
  • University essay: A university essay is a dissertation or thesis that students pursuing a doctorate need to write.
  • Personal statement writing: This form of writing is required by all students to submit along with their application forms when applying for undergraduate admission to American colleges. It involves writing an essay introducing oneself in a way that sets the individual apart from any other by highlighting one’s leading achievements and one’s purpose in life.
  • Custom essay writing: If a student finds it difficult to pen his thoughts coherently and fluently, he may decide to outsource this assignment to professional academic writing agencies who will turn in, on his behalf, a professionally written assignment. A term paper or homework assignment is a research essay example of custom essay writing.

Now that you have a wealth of information on writing a research essay, it shouldn’t be all that difficult for you to develop your first research essay confidently and successfully. Take care to ensure that your thoughts and your arguments are well thought out, documented well with full citations and you will have the finest quality of research you could ever write. If, before writing, you’re a little unsure and need a little advice, speak to your teacher and then proceed.

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