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Yr english speech

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 16, 2017
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Yr english speech

Journeys Speech For many individuals, the most memorable Journeys are the ones that give opportunities to extend ourselves despite the challenges that we may face. The protagonist In Mark Forester’s film The Kite Runner embarks on a Journey to rescue his nephew In which he needs to return to his home country Afghanistan that wealth the end provides him with redemption and acceptance. Similarly, the protagonist presented in the short film Identity by K. J. Adams and the persona in Amine’s Lose Yourself face many challenges on their pursuit.

It will be shown through a variety of techniques in each text how for some individuals experiencing challenging physical, inner and imaginative journeys can both challenge and extend us. To begin, one of the most memorable journeys presented in the kite runner is the main character’s return to Afghanistan to rescue his nephew Sahara. Forester emphasizes how dangerous Emir’s mission was through the use of music and body language. One particular scene shows Emir traveling through the Taliban checkpoints, as he makes his way towards his destination.

The non dietetic music begins to fasten as the scene progresses. This creates suspense and foreshadows the challenging circumstances that will soon occur. The behavior of Emir In this specific scene shows how uncomfortable he Is not only with his disguise, but with the situation Itself. As he Is pushed out of his comfort zone he understands that rescuing Sahara is the right thing to do for both of them. Although the protagonist in Identity does not face the same severe circumstances, she is forced on a Journey to understand her place in society which revealed what she assumed was normal.

Throughout the film, Adams has used panning shots to expose how some individuals live in a solitary environment during adolescence. An example of this is when the central character is moving through the school hallways, panning represents her peers isolating and excluding her from social interaction influencing her to feel inferior. As the scene progresses, a close up of a poster is shown Illustrating that society has painted a picture on what Is perceived as beautiful. In reference to the persona In Amine’s

Lose Yourself, he embarks on a Journey that challenges his understanding about his values and at times does not want to continue his path to success. Mine uses the metaphor “nine to five” and “lonely roads” to represent that the persona was forced to partake on his journey and to show that isolation had a large impact on his quest. Symbolism used in the lyrics “when he goes back to his mobile home” makes the audience aware of where his journey began. Both of these techniques reinforces that when an opportunity takes place in an individual’s life “never let it W’.

It appears that for these individuals, the challenges they face outweighed the disadvantages of their physical Journey. As a consequence of Emir’s Journey In The Kite Runner, he must complete a self sacrificial act In order to complete his Journey to redemption. Forester highlights how difficult his road to redemption has been through the use of camera shots and miss- ensconce. Emir”s return to Afghanistan presents a long shot which shows a harsh and dialogue which proves how serious and dangerous the situation is. The costuming of

Emir shows what he needs to do to succeed on this Journey. Both of these techniques present what he needs to complete before he can learn to forgive himself. In contrast, Adams has used symbolism in Identity to depict that the masks in the short film are metaphorical of the masks that people wear in everyday life, a fake persona that allows an individual to fit in. Her symbolic mask represents how she doesn’t fit in with the social norm as her mask is unique compared to her peers. Near the end of the film, the main character removes her mask and is liberated.

She has made the inevitable choice to not hide behind her mask anymore that relies what others want to see. As she realized that wearing a mask was self damaging, her character was extended and she was able to be confident and comfortable with the way she is. In both of these texts, the individuals have faced challenging inner Journeys and have grown due to opportunities to extend. Throughout The Kite Runner, Forester has shown Emir’s Imaginative Journeys, but has emphasizes on Emir’s return to Afghanistan through the use of music and dialogue. At the beginning of the film,

Emir receives a phone call from an old friend who tells him “there is a way to be good again” which influences him to believe he can redeem himself. Forester uses dialogue to give Emir an opportunity for redemption and an opening for self discovery. The non-dietetic music in the end of this particular scene is in a different language, which reveals the beginning of his past. However, the persona in Amine’s Lose Yourself expresses the benefits of his Journey by using exaggeration and allusion. He states that “The worlds mine for the taking, make me king’ as he imagines that the runner will end with him as king of the world.

He uses the allusion “Sale’s lot” to show that this story keeps him on his mission as it reminds him of what his life was like before he embarked on his quest. Both of these are examples of how the persona has faced challenges and benefited from his imaginary Journey. To conclude, the memorable Journeys presented in Mark Forester’s The Kite Runner, K. J. Dam’s Identity and Amine’s Lose Yourself all of which face Physical, Inner and Imaginative challenges and obstacles which provide opportunities to extend themselves. Thankful for listening.

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