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Write two journal entries thoroughly describing Lady Macbeth’s

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: January 5, 2018
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Write two journal entries thoroughly describing Lady Macbeth’s

1 5th of January, 1606 I have too much on my mind again. Only this time, it’s worth a lot. Today is the beginning of the rest of our lives.. My husband and l. I received a letter from him today, talking of witches and such. He claimed they told him that he was soon to become king. How, I thought to myself while reading the letter. _ How will he attain the position? I was immediately overwhelmed. There’s so little time.. He doesn’t have what it takes. I have what it takes. Me, the sole reason he is what he is today, and what he will be tomorrow.

Yes,’ must admit sometimes I have to be firm with him. But he is my husband.. And he has an obligation to do what I say.. And to fulfill my needs. HIS needs can Walt, they are full of kindness and loyalty. Ambition accompanies evil. Everyone knows that. Though it seems that Macbeth doesn’t know the significance. There are so many controversial issues I cannot resolve with him. I love him so much.. But its hard for him to keep up with me. He is a coward. Why, just tonight.. L was praying to the witches. Asking them to rid me of all the despicable womanly factors I possess.

I shall need ALL the help I can get to be ruthless. Relentless. I will stop at nothing. I will get to the throne. And I WILL become Queen of Scotland.. Everyone shall answer to me, do what I say. And acquire every last bit of power he can. Until all of Scotland has not a single thing left to offer. Together we will achieve all of our desires. And nothing will stop us. Not even Machete’s little guilt trips. Back to tonight, when Macbeth came home. He told me Duncan, the current king, will be leaving tomorrow. And I told him. He will not see another day.

I have a plan, and it will work. We will seize the crown.. And do as many evil deeds as we must, to fulfill our aspirations. I was surprised he didn’t ask more questions, He Just left the room. I must go to sleep.. I’m weary of all this planning and preparation.. I already know what we’ll do.. And anyway, Macbeth walks.. I hear him coming up to the room. By tomorrow.. Macbeth will be under my rule.. I will do whatever I can to convince him of our mandatory plans. Soon, everything will be ours. 16th vocabulary, 1606 Have I not given him all of me?

Do I not please him in ways that no other woman can? Have I not been good enough, in helping him with his decisions? What he put me through tonight has been completely unacceptable. Any woman in my position would have objected to his cowardice. Earlier, Duncan had come to our castle, and of course, how CONVENIENT it was for Macbeth to analyze my plans in depth, adding morals as usual. One glance, one glance is all it took for him to lose all his confidence. So we argued of course, because he is less than a man. And I was not afraid to tell him what I thought.

I challenged his manhood and dared him to commit to the murder. And instead of persuasive words.. I used words that taunted him. It’s always been more effective. He’s so gullible sometimes. Eventually, he became vulnerable and his objections seemed to evaporate. Especially, when I used myself as an example of everything he is not. I made sure he comprehended how serious I was. I told him how I felt about promises. I keep them no matter what. Because if I say I will go through with something, there will be no foolish hesitations, I will keep my word.

And that’s something that I will never let go of because it’s a part of my mentality. And I am a strong woman, I am not weak, I never fail, I never lose. And he must have the same determination if he wants to be King of Scotland. But does he?.. No. He is a fool. See I know Macbeth. I know he has ambition.. And as long as I use what he loves the most against him.. L can accomplish whatever I please. Then!! He says.. Elf we should fail?.. The NERVE in that question.. WE.. Fail?! Was he listening at all to what I previously explained ? Obviously not, since he asked me such a ridiculous question.

I figured, if I couldn’t get through to him before, I wouldn’t now. So, I Just went on and told him of my plan on how we were to kill Duncan. He hastily complimented me, wishing that I only conceive boys. He seemed to affirm my belief that courage and brilliance are masculine traits.. And every man should have them.. And since I do, My male children should inherit them also. I seemed to get him to come around.. Today at least. Tomorrow shall be another war.. Oho Macbeth, my dearest love.. Why are you so averse to your aspirations?.. Why do you deny me?..

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