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This essay is about my visit to Walters Museum

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: January 6, 2018
Words: 1412
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This essay is about my visit to Walters Museum

However, the blissfulness I expected from this encounter turned out not to be, as the Eternal Egypt collection from the British Museum was In town, and the museum was crowded with people. After paying the required fees, I headed to the first gallery which had small statues unearthed from ancient Egypt. I really wanted to find similar objects to what we had studied in class so I would have a sound basis of comparison to work with however nothing in the first few galleries caught my eye. There was a sculpture titled ‘Unknown Man’, that reminded me of the Korea found in Ancient

Greece. However, there was not sufficient information to write about it, so I moved The third gallery had a Book of the Dead, divided Into three chapters. There was a large crowd around this exhibit, so once again I moved on. The next gallery I came to dismayed me also. No large sculptures caught my eye, and It seemed that I was some feeling or some logic to take hold of me and compel me to write about it. However, I came up with nothing, everything seemed tedious and normal, and there was nothing unique and special. I reached the end of the collection, and there was nothing…. Thing in the British Museum collection that I thought was worth writing about. In utter abjection, I meandered on through the museum, and I found myself on the second floor. Having been to the Walters several times, I had seen their collection of Egyptian works, but something bald me stay. So I followed the feeling, and finally found the perfect exhibit, Just what I had been looking for. Ankh-seemed Entertained by a Harpist: between the 26th and 30th dynasty, circa 600-340 BCC. It was found in a tomb, carved on one of the walls in precise carvings (wall text).

The approximate size would be 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. The carving shows four people, a man seated on a decorated stool (like the ones the pharaohs used) with a woman standing behind him, her hand on his shoulder and another man playing a harp. There was also a smaller figure right in front of the harp player, which I thought was an apprentice or assistant of sorts, however, the wall text indicated that it was Ankh-kismet’s daughter. It also said that his wife’s name is Hawthorne-hat and the harpist in named Sammie-Essen, which means, ‘may King Sammie be happy’.

There is a small register at the top of the carving that has different hieroglyphics in it. I recognized Hours, some animals, the eye of Hours and an ankh. The daughter was in twisted perspective sitting on her knees, yoga style. Her hair was the same way Nannette and His Family daughter’s hair was, bald with the single braid. The harpist was also bald and they were both sitting on the floor at the right side of the sculpture. The king and queen were on the left side. The largest figure was Shaken- seemed and he was in twisted perspective.

He had a staff or rod in one hand, which as quite long and touched the floor. Hawthorne-hat was dressed in a long garment that was not as sheer as the one that Chemotherapy had in the Aka statue of Maureen and His Wife. From the expression on their faces, I surmised that they must have been captured enjoying the music. The harpist had a serene expression as if he was Just playing, not singing or anything. Seeing the sculpture up close and personal, gave me more understanding of the size of the exhibit.

When we looked at Antaean and his Family, I knew the picture, but this sculpture had more depth and feeling for me. I could easily tell that it was in low relief and I was able to pick out more objects and symbols with reasonable knowledge. Relief with Winged Genius: This is an alabaster sculpture from the Assyrian Kingdom attributed during the reign of Sarsaparilla II circa 883-859 BCC. The wall text stated that it used to decorate the interior of the palace wall in Nimrod, the Assyrian capital in central Iraq.

It is actually close in description to the Human Headed Winged Lion that was studied in class; in fact, it was gotten from the same palace. On further research, I found out that there re several similar slabs of alabaster from King Sarsaparilla’s collection in various museums all around the world. A Genius represents power, wisdom and wealth. It is a protective being and is used patriotically This Genius is in low relief and was once painted in bright colors, but now it is Just the opaque cream of aged alabaster.

The figure is quite large, almost eight feet, and is standing in profile. He wears a horned cap, knee-length tunic, and long, fringed cape with tassels that I found out at first like a fruit, but on closer inspection, it looks like a plant of some kind, perhaps leaf or a pine cone. In his other hand, he holds a small bucket. There is a cuneiform inscription running through the chiseled relief like an incantation all over his lower torso. It might be some history or a story of the king. The genius’s face looks quite friendly and serene, with large eyes and thick eyebrows.

He has a long beard, with intricate stylized curls (like the Anyways scissors. ) The body of the genius is very muscular. He looks thickset and heavy, and his limbs are bulging with muscles with large veins that look like cables. The Genius looks immensely strong, the type of trench associated with supernatural beings. Going into accessories, it was quite evident to me that the Genius was depicted to be rich as well. He had large earrings and bracelets and under his right arm was an array of Jeweled daggers.

The wings were the largest thing on the sculpture and looked exactly like angel’s wings, reaching from the nape of his neck to about his lower torso. I am not sure if the Genius represents Sarsaparilla II as a divine all-powerful leader, or a supreme deity that the Assyrian believed in. These questions were raised as I looked on this sculpture. Whatever it is, it had a powerful, wise and wealthy look about it, that was made to scare all evils away and seemed to say, ‘don’t mess with Conclusion: Everything I learned in class was put to good use in viewing these objects.

It was surprising to know that I knew so much about Egyptian and Assyrian art. I found it quite easy to pick out the fugues in twisted perspective and could recognize a lot of the symbols in both sculptures. There were many similarities between the art work we have studied in class and the ones that I was drawn to. I realized that I enjoyed Ewing pieces that I could relate to or had a reasonable knowledge of. That was why I chose the two pieces that I did, because I equated them with so many things we have done in class.

I also was able to take in the environment that the art work was displayed. The rooms were cool, temperature set at about OFF. The floor was carpeted with a dark wine colored carpet and the walls were painted mauve. The lighting was Just right, allowing me to look at both pieces without too much glare. They lit the pieces from the sides and the top, but no light directly in front of the pieces, leaving nothing in widow. It was cool that could check out the art work from different angles and see the three-dimensional view.

Also details were more easily identified in the carvings versus the book. Although I did not savor the Eternal Egypt collection as much as I had hoped to, I was able to understand more symbols, customs and myths surrounding each piece, and could identify some of the key players. As a direct result of everything I have learned so far in this class, I have realized that more understanding and knowledge has been civilizations and timeshares.

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