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Royal Massacer of Nepal

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 8, 2017
Words: 2021
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Royal Massacer of Nepal

After the event, brother of the murdered king became the king of Nepal. But his kingship came to an end in a short period of time when a huge revolution took place and moist revolutionaries took seats in the democratically elected government. Royal massacre that happened in the huge palace situated in the heart of Katmandu is considered as a mystery until now because there are majority of people who think that crown prince was not responsible for the massacre. If it is so, then who is responsible for It and what would have been the primary purpose of the massacre?

An event that took place Inside the four walls of huge palace was supposed to had known previously. There Is a historical and religious background behind the royal massacre. “An eighteenth century legend, King Primitive Nary Shah was cursed by a disguised deity named chronograph because he shied away from the regurgitated curd and was told that his family dynasty would endure for 1 0 generations and then come to an end” (Surgeons). The prediction became a truth when King Brainerd, 10th member of the Shah family regime, came to a catastrophic end.

It was a Friday night and as usual, almost all the members of Royal family were invited for the dinner. According to the news that spread all over the world, the rowan prince Depended was drunk more that day than usual. He was too drunk that he could not make his way to his room. HIS younger brother, Prince Nirvana and his brother In law escorted him to his room. After few minutes, crown prince again came inside the room, but this time with a camouflage dress and a cap on his head that covers most of his face.

He was armed heavily with guns. One of the Royal family members, who saved herself from that catastrophe, interviewed with one of the news channel told that face of crown prince looked like a devil that destroys everyone that comes in front of him. At first he shouted his father, King Brainerd, on his chest and started firing to everyone. To make sure that everyone was dead, he fired a bullet on the forehead of every person who was lying over the floor. Everyone tried to stop him but he listened to nobody.

His mother managed to run away from that room with his younger son, but the crown prince chased them and killed them in the garden, outside the palace. HIS mother’s face was so much destroyed that before she was cremated her face needed to be covered by a China doll. There were many gun shot wounds In the back of Annular, younger brother of the crown prince. It was a real blood bath inside the palace. That crown prince planned such a huge massacre only because his mother, Queen Cassowary denied his marriage with his lover Demand. The Eaton educated crown prince, Depended, enraged by his family refusal to endorse his choice of bride, stormed into the gathering at the palace armed heavily with weapons including automatic guns, slaughtered his family and then shot himself” (After the royal massacre). But this might not be the only cause. If this has been the only cause, then he would have killed his father and mother only and have done whatever he liked cause he would have been the king and there would be nobody to restrict him from doing anything.

There is no point in killing his all family members including his younger brother and sister. Some other group of people and researcher say that since crown prince was a determined person, he wanted to do a lot, but he was always restricted by his father and mother. He never liked the way his father ruled the country. At that point of time, moist insurgence was the major problem that the country was facing. He thought that the only way to solve the problem was by using litany force to destroy all of them but his father never believed in violence.

He wanted to talk with them to solve the problem and providing them what they wanted. In the same way, in many aspects of development of country his opinion was far different than his father. Several people believe that all this might have acted together in his mind which might have guided him to murder his whole family. But the Naples people, not only the Naples people but also most of the people and the researcher all around the world were not satisfied enough by the result because there were many questions that remained unanswered in that scare. Other matters will be of greater concern to conspiracy theorists, which at present, include most of this Himalayan country’s 23 million people. Where were the palace guards and aides? How did the right-handed Depended manage to shoot himself in the left temple? Why was Prince Gander, now king, absent from the dinner? And how did his son Parkas also escape? In what way does India, regional bogeyman, figure into this treachery? “(Bearer). These are certainly the important questions one would like to ask. In that gathering of the Royal family members, some important members were missing.

Was that a co-incidence or a pre planned absence? Generally such a massacre is planned by a person or a group of people who will be benefited by the incidence. Are there any people who would be benefited by that massacre? This is an important question that everyone would like to know and answer is yes. There are some people and some groups that would be benefited by that incidence and the same person was absent in that moment. Not only him but his family members also saved their life from that blood bathe.

One important member of the Royal family and the person who will be benefited directly from the incidence was brother of murdered king who became the king after that huge massacre happened. His son along with his sisters saved their life from that massacre. This could not be a co incidence. This is the another aspect of the story. Another important thing is that the person who is believed to be responsible for the huge massacre, crown prince, was a right handed person but the official report of his possible that a person who is right handed could manage to shot himself in the left temple of his brain.

From the previous data’s, it is known that there are more than en thousand army personnel inside the palace but where were they all when the massacre happened. Didn’t they even realized that when queen and prince Nirvana were killed in the garden? Where were the personnel aides of the royal members who are always present with them? It certainly proves that there was someone behind the incident but until now nobody knows who? Another group of people think that there is foreign help somewhere in the incident.

No matter what people think, but this is a mystery and will remain a mystery until the people of Nepal are given a realistic evidence of what had happened. Only the person or people who planned his blood bath know what happened. In Nepal after the blood bath happened two members committee was formed to investigate the real murderer but that committee end up by concluding that crown prince Depended killed all his family members and finally killed himself in the garden after ruthlessly killing his mother and younger brother.

The committee came too conclusion without any forensic evidence and after that no second investigation was done to find out the real killer of that massacre. Whatever conclusion may Naples government give about the massacre, none of the Naples people would believe in t and one thing is for sure that Depended is not the responsible for that massacre. “The editor of one of the Naples magazine doubted the version that have come out so far, and declared, Depended must have been like a pawn and somebody is the actor behind the scenes. ” (Tugged).

This might be the case in the massacre. Some witnesses of the massacre even says that there were many people around the palace that looked like Depended and wore the same kind of dress and a cap that covered most of the face. After the Royal massacre, crown prince Depended was called a king when he was in hospital. After the official announcement of Deepness’s death, brother of the murdered king became the king of Nepal but Naples people never believed on him. They always think that he is the one responsible for that massacre and he did all this to get the crown and the power.

After he became the king, he seized all the powers of the country through a announcement of state of emergency. “Gander’s takeover of the kingdom, following the royal massacre on 1 June 2001, provided steam for the conflict. ” (Kumar). He dissolved the existing government and formed a new one under his supervision. The people who speak against him were arrested and killed. During his kingship many people disappeared and nobody knows where they are. He also used Naples army against the moist rebellions. Due to this reason many members of both Royal army and Moist rebellions lost their lives.

The news of fight between the Moist rebellions and the Royal army and the death of the people was very common during that time. Many families whose son or brother is the member of army or the Moist rebellions stopped watching the news because they never know when the news will say that their family member is dead. The situation of so called country of peace was worse Han ever and this was more than endurable. That is why his kingship came to an this time without any weapon. They called it a peace movement and each and every Naples people supported them.

All the actors and actress, political parties, teachers, doctors, lawyers along with general public attended the mass movement. The main slogan of the mass movement was the end of constitutional monarchy and reformation of the constitution assembly by the people themselves. The existing King tried a lot to obstruct that mass movement. He even gave shoot at sight order to army professionals but Naples people could not be stopped by that and finally hey win and King was forced to call for a new constitution that will be written by the general people.

At the present time, new constitution is in the process of writing that will officially declares the end of constitutional monarchy. The Royal massacre became a ignition for this huge revolution that declares the end of two hundred and fifty years old monarchy. But if King Brainerd would have been existed then the country would never have to pass through that hard time. He would have let them take whatever they wanted. So, it was very important to find out the main person repression for that massacre but no second investigation took place after the formation of two members committee.

This might have happened because the main head of the country did not want to do so. This massacre will remain a mystery until and unless the person who were present at that time gives a believable answer of what had happened but they may not do so because they are afraid of the person who conducted it or they themselves do not want this information to be leaked. Anyways it can be said for sure that, Depended is not the one to conduct that whole massacre; there are some other persons behind it but until now there is no concrete evidence to say who that person is.

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