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Once an Eagle memo

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: December 24, 2017
Words: 852
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Once an Eagle memo

As the Foreword of the book stated, “no one who has experienced combat directly, or even vicariously, would seek it. ” The opposing character traits of Sam Damon and Courtney Manganese may be found within the same person in today’s military. There is a distinction to be made between military service during time of war and military service as a career. When one makes the military a career, one must be mindful of and take care to attend to career progression. There are times when taking care of one’s career, at least administratively, is necessary.

As we all have heard, no one cares about your career like you do. The trouble arises when taking care of one’s career becomes the priority. If a Soldier pursues the mission as did Damon, their career progression will essentially happen on its own, I. E. Do what you’re supposed to do and do it the best you can. There are pitfalls and unavoidable life circumstances that we all face, Just as Damon did, but with a resilient attitude and approach life is manageable, even when in crisis. 2. Three key takeaways from the book are as follows: a.

Sam Damon is, for the most part, the officer all other officers should aspire to be. He entered the service as an enlisted Soldier, not wanting to wait for his slot at West Point. This beginning alone is a significant indicator of this Soldier’s character and inherent traits that would aid in his development as a leader. His battlefield promotion Into the officer ranks was based on his Innate ability to make decisions and lead. HIS relationship with his troops was grounded In his experiences with them as an enlisted Soldier.

He built trust and a willingness to perform within his troops through his treatment of them and his own actions. Even those that questioned or challenged his authority performed when the time came. He had the ability to assess a situation, make a decision, and take action. These actions produced results. The troops, being part of the action, bought into Damson’s leadership. They believed and trusted In him. Although there were times when they motivated to acts of valor and selfless service, including taking care of Damon when he needed it. B.

Whether a Soldier wants to admit it or not, there is a need to be a family man that Damon pursued and found. He viewed his first commanding officer as a father figure. A father, or father figure, plays a key role in the development of a child, male or female, but in Damson’s case, and mine, a very significant role. The development of a leader includes many important events, particularly in early childhood. Perhaps because of my own childhood and father fugues that I had along the way, I write this takeaway with a focus on Damson’s admiration for then-colonel Caldwell.

When Damon paused to look at Caldwell while thinking of him as someone who inspired others, he Hough to himself that if he could have a father again, Caldwell was the kind of man he would want. If that father or father figure is not there for a child then others must fill that void; however, the child must both have the opportunity and seek it out. I stress this developmental aspect of the book because I would not have pursued the path I have fortunately found myself on had I not found those father figures along the way. My grandfather, my uncle, my cousin, my teacher, my coach, my first Sergeant Major, God rest his soul.

I learned and took from these men and others long the way. By no means am I what I know I could or should be as of this date, but I am a far sight better than I would have been had I not had these influences in my life. As some may refer to this book as guidance, I refer to the real men I have learned from as my guidance as person, a husband, law enforcement officer, a Soldier, and a leader of others who may very well be looking to me as I looked to those men for a father figure. C. The book concludes ironically with Damon dealing with his opposition too war that he will nonetheless participate in.

The argument can be made against all wars. Fingers can be pointed at Washington, at imperial hubris, at greed, but war happens. It even happens when there is no discernible enemy in an identifiable uniform. As Serviceberry, we all took an oath to serve. Regardless of the underlying meaning of this book or of our personally held political views, we all have an obligation to do as Damon did. When faced with a dilemma, especially as it relates too decision as a Soldier, perhaps a good question to ask oneself is “What would Damon do? ” 3. POCK for this memorandum is the undersigned xx.

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