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Odyssey and Great Hall

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 12, 2017
Words: 587
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Odyssey and Great Hall

In “The Homecoming,” the main character, Odysseus, is the king of Ithaca and has many positive traits including strength, cleverness, and love which help him in these perilous situations. Because Odysseus has strength, he could accomplish whatever he plans, no matter how It is difficult. After Odysseus returns to his palace, he Is told to be disguised himself as a vagabond by Athena because his palace is overrun by suitors. He wants to compete in the bow competition which will decide who will be Penelope new husband.

Although everyone except Odysseus has failed, he accomplishes the task of stringing the bow easily: “Then slid his right hand down…. The taut gut vibrating…. Sang a swallows note” (“The Test of the Bow” 203-205. 429). The suitors are astonished when the arrow he shoots passes through all 12 axe- helve sockets. After he reveals his identity, Odysseus says with confidence, inform last hour has come. You die In blood” (“Death In the Great Hall” 271 . 431). With his son, Telemeters, he takes revenge them for trying to steal his wife and assets, and all suitors are so aghast by his strength that one of them says, “The man is implacable…. Ell shoot… Until he kills us to the last men” (“Death in the Great Hall” 301-305. 432). His great strength leads him to succeed In his plan. Odysseus Implements his clever plan with Amuses, the swineherd, and Philosophies, the cowherd. He starts to put his plan in to action while he asks Penelope if he may take a chance at shooting the bow, which makes suitors have no doubt about the beggar: “But let me try my hand at the smooth bow! Let me test my fingers and my Test of the Bow” 126-130. 426). The suitor did not expect that an old beggar would be Odysseus.

To put suitors into an impenetrable situation and carry out the revenge plan precisely, he tells his son to close the door, so his son orders the old woman: “Lock it tight. If anyone Inside should hear the shock of arms or groans of men…. Not one must show her face” (“The Test of the Bow 173-177. 428). The worse environment for them: “Wildly they turned and scanned the walls but not a shield, not a good spear…. ” (“Death in the Great Hall” 254. 256. 431); Odysseus and Telemeters removed all the spears and shields before.

Because of his cleverness, the plan Is flawless, and he can avenge the havoc they wreaked on his home and wife.. In addition to his superior strength and cleverness, he has love. Because Odysseus takes 10 years to get back to his homeland, Ithaca, his family has lost hope and missed him very much. Even Amuses, the swineherd, yearned for his return: “Likewise Amuses fell to praying all heaven for his return… ” (“The Test of the BOW’ 67-69. 425). After he exacted halls revenge on the suitors, he went to reveal himself to meet his wife, Penelope.

She could not believe that he had come back and 1 OFF place the bedchamber outside, which is impossible because the bed is the trunk of the olive tree rooted in the ground. Odysseus was irate at her because he thought Penelope forgot their relationship: “There is our sign! I know more. Could someone else’s hand have sawn that trunk and dragged the fame away? ‘ (“The Trunk of the Olive Tree” 418-420. 436). In spite of their twenty years apart, they rejoice.

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