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Obama Imc Strategy

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 12, 2017
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Obama Imc Strategy

After the 9/1 1 terrorist attack, Beam’s greatest fears that his roots might generate fears among American people and the people of America ill see him with fear ; suspicion. Another disadvantage against him was his short political career. Hillary Clinton had an experience of 35 years, as compared to her Obama was running for president after being in US Senate for two years (Obama, 2006, up. 63). There were speculations whether his experience was sufficient for him to run for president.

However, against this fact, there were many opinions from political scientists and historians (lyre ; Purchase, 2009) because Obama was neither the youngest nor with the least experienced presidential nominee. Obama isn’t always a good Politician, as a matter of fact he flopped earlier (McClellan, 2007). Beam’s wife, Michelle Obama was targeted during his campaign for presidential elections; a website called “Bigheartedness” was launched to fight the rumors and fabrications about him by the media (lyre ; Purchase, 2009).

RAN started a websites Eke “Meteorological” and “Achaeans” to highlight alleged flaws and push users to ask crucial question to him (lyre ; Purchase, 2009). Critically analyses, through the application of relevant theory, the use of MIMIC within the Barack Obama campaign. Information Technology changed the practice of marketing communications by Intensifying the toolkit used to create, Implement and deliver the message (Schultz ; Schultz, 1998). The tools and strategies for communicating with voters changed significantly with the rise of social media, also stated as consumer-generated media (Managed ; Faults, 2009).

During the 2008 presidential elections, Obama was Inculcated with IT in such a fashion that it led to a qualitative revolution In history of MIMIC (Really. 2008). Obama not only focused on how the messages should be delivered but he actively took initiatives to keep directly n touch with the voters through the effective use of social networking sites (lyre ; Purchase, 2009). There were 90 people working for Obama for the Internet based campaign and spent about $8 million on Internet advertising (Encourage, 2008).

Obama approached the voters by conveying a message of ‘Change. ‘ Obama didn’t talk at his audience but interacted with them. He spoke to the generation Y through his website my. Abracadabra. Com (Reilly, 2008). Moreover, by using the key word ‘my at the beginning of his domain name, he brought It to a personal level (Plasterer, Genes ; Berg, 2010, up. 139). The millennial generation was attracted to something new and different and they found these qualities in Obama (Marshiest, 2009, up. 0) along with fund raising (lyre ; Purchase, 2009). Obama showed he was consistent with his message. Beam’s mastermind Chris Hughes planned & carefully segmented the voter’s on the basis of their age (lyre ; Purchase, 2009). Obama was able to reach not only the millennial through Backbone, Namespace, but also the baby boomers through Eons. Com (lyre ; Purchase, 2009) who had a chance to reminisce on memories of the sass and what they wanted to change then. Beam’s campaign included audio-visual media on Youth & Deprived. Mom which increased Beam’s fan support with the release of music video called Yes, We Can’. Nearly 40 celebrities were featured in the music video (lyre & Purchase, 2009). Obama emerged as a strong brand and was endorsed by the celebrities; studies suggest that celebrity endorsement affect the youth’s political inclination (Weinberg ; Chem., 2008; Intro ; Street, 2011; Jackson ; Drown, 2005; Owens, 2011; Pease ; Brewer, 2008). The music video was video by millions in less than three days on Youth and around 10 lion on the Weaseling. Com website.

The music video had lyrics from Beam’s speech and his campaigners were not related with the song in any way (lyre & Purchase, 2009), this minimizes the risk of negative publicity by the celebrity endorsement affecting Beam’s branding (Dean, 2004; Till ; Shims, 1998). In May 2007, Opera Winfred endorsed Obama in her talk show which lead voters to perceive Obama as more likely to win the presidential nomination and that they would be more likely vote for him (Pease ; Brewer, 2008). Again in September 2007, Opera hosted an event which raised $3 Million for his campaign.

Opera is the host of ‘Opera Winfred Show which has a premiership of 8. 4 million per weekdays; she published a monthly magazine that reaches to about 2 million people (Pease & Brewer, 2008). It became trendy to vote for Obama, because youngsters saw their favorite celebrities, music groups and their peers supporting Obama. Obama did a great service in establishing the importance of voting among youngsters who felt that their vote wouldn’t count in the big picture. Youngsters played a huge role in determining the presidency (Plasterer, Genes ; Berg, 2010, up. 139).

Families ; friends have more influence on the voting decision of the voters compared to the celebrities (Wood and Herbs 2007). The voters were reluctant to accept that a celebrity could influence their votes (Wood and Herbs 2007). However, after the exit polls, 60% of the voters admit that Opera’s support would help Beam’s elections; only 3% said that it would adversely affect his campaign (Wood and Herbs 2007). A report by Federal Election Commission (FCC) discloses that hundreds of Hollywood stars, Sports stars, and other celebrities fund-raise money for candidates and political parties (Owens, 2011).

Pocking (1991) suggests that voters engross in “low information notice” when they think about presidential campaigns: instead of putting efforts in obtaining information about campaigns, they use information shortcuts. For example, voters may trust on information collected through their non- political lives to make political selections. Similarly, they might use other sources as channels for their voting decisions. Around 66% of voters under the age of 30 voted Obama and an impressive 69% of new voters supported Obama (Hendricks ; Denton Jar. , 2010, up. 7).

This age-group belongs to the hard core gamers (Hendricks ears ago for Obama to be the next presidential nominee (lyre ; Purchase, 2009). Microsoft used the credit card information of the users of Oxbow Live services to target direct mails to individuals. Beam’s website contained widgets which people can post on their own websites and spread support to Obama (Abroad & Leftover, 2009). His ads appeared in some 18 video games. (lyre & Purchase, 2009). This was the direct marketing approach because the credit card information of the individuals was used to advertise Obama brand (Schultz & Schultz, 1998).

Visitors were allowed to register to his website (Abracadabra. Mom) with their email addresses & Zip codes and they could sign up for details of 25 other supporters with whom they could talk to. This way the supporters actively participated to become campaigners. Beam’s campaign worked both ways by corresponding with the supporters and the mobile marketing method was used to reach out the 266 million cell phone users (lyre ; Purchase, 2009). The text messaging was the cheapest and most effective method to reach out blacks, Hispanics and young voters.

Hendricks ; Denton Jar. (2010) argued that the text messaging created a strong influence on the voters on their voting decisions. During the campaign, more than 100 thousand supporters subscribed to receive Beam’s tweets, which contained campaign messages and requested donations (Abroad & Leftover, 2009; Hendricks & Denton Jar. , 2010, up. 11). Beam’s campaign caused public awareness and his oratory skills helped emphasizes on certain words like Yes, We Can’. That builds a relationship with his supporters which led him to win the 2008 presidential election with huge margin.

Below is the table demonstrating the percentage of votes Obama got compared to McCain. Marketer I Percentage of Votes I Obama | 36. 1 | McCann | 4. 5 | Table 1: How They Voted. Source: Mermaid EARS as cited in Matthew (2008). What advice would you give to a politician from your own country who was considering standardizing Barack Beam’s MIMIC strategy? Beam’s strategy turns out to be absolute and great model for Marketers because he was able to inspire and earn votes from the historically dormant generation Y together with the support of the baby boomers.

Beam’s MIMIC methods are quite acceptable and can be standardized in general and some of them can be applied in India. However, there are some strategies that favored Beam’s campaign cannot be applied in India because of various factors. One of the major strategies that favored Beam’s campaign was the use of Internet. India is a developing country and its majority of the population lives in villages where there is no Internet access (Ninety ; Julius, 2007). Not many people in India have access to Internet as it is still considered a luxury.

Internet is slow compared to other countries and its access is also limited. Usage of Internet is limited in India compared to other developed countries (Ninety ; Julius, 2007). The very presence of technology in Indian politics may cause surprise, assuming the extremely low presence of Internet Technology in India, urban areas Information Technology penetration is relatively higher than national average (Gouda, 2007). Also, the video gaming market in India is only limited to the urban areas (Vaudevillian, 2012). Placing ads on video games and on services like Oxbow Live will reach to urban society only.

However, Mobile phones are cheaper compared to Internet and do not require any literacy to operate, mobile phones are widely adopted in many parts of India. By the end of 2011, there were 898 million mobile phone users in India, out of which 298 million are in rural India (Vaudevillian, 2012) and with more than 6 million phones connections added every onto (Thunder, 2008). Politicians can use the potential of text messaging in India since the majority of Indian population now use mobile phones (Toga, 2011). Youth in India find testing to be the preferred medium to communicate because it’s the cheapest and most efficient way to communicate.

Using text messages to reach youth can help generate awareness about the politician. Another important CIT tool that can be used for political campaigning is the use of bedposts, television & radio. In India, majority of the population either in urban or rural areas use television & radio (Chowders, 1998). Also the use of banners & hoarding to place ads can be used for campaigning. The strategies used by Obama for his campaign can be used in urban India to attract the generation Y and literate people. One of the major problems with the Indian youth is that they seldom vote (The Views Paper, 2009).

To engage the youth in the campaigning and voting is one of the most important tasks for any political party. According to an article published in The Economic Times on 28th February 2012, now more and more Indian youths are interested in politics as opposed to the condition 2-3 years ago. The politicians should try appealing to college students by tailoring a line to the colleges (Plasterer, Genes & Berg, 2010, up. 139). Some of the political parties like Congress have formed separate youth committee (Youth Congress) for the fund raising and campaigning (The Times of India, 2012).

These youth committees are now excessively using media for fund raising and campaigning. Recently Indian politics witnessed the rise off new political party that endeavourer to organize support, funds and campaigning through the use of Internet. Look Puritan, was formed by a group of highly-educated urban youths who came into contact with one another in prestigious institutions such as the IT and New York University. These youths shared a common vision to bring about social transformation (Gouda, 2007). Matthew (2008) argues that for maximum effect, Marketing strategies and campaigns should be systematically integrated and deployed.

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