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Mumia Abu JamalIn Mumias Conviction There

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: December 28, 2017
Words: 494
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Mumia Abu JamalIn Mumias Conviction There

Mute ABA Kamala In Mall’s conviction there wasn’t any fair consideration for him as a person. So In a way you can not really consider It an actual trial. For It to have been called a “trial” there would have had to been more Justice Involved In the process, the court was completely unfair towards Mall. Trumping charges and fabricating Lies so that he would land in jail. Mute ABA Kamala was born in Philadelphia on April 241954. In his youth he was involved in Black Nationalism, an organization that empowered African Americans in a political manner.

He was also part of the Black Panther Party up until October in 1970, a party that moved for a socialist revolution without racial exclusivity. Mummy was also a radio Journalist, where he eventually became the president of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists. On and off air Mummy would talk about racial discrimination, mostly towards African Americans. He would discuss about how unfair his people were being treated. Mall fiercely discussed about police brutality and corruption, and this Is what angered people In power. All evidence that was used to convict Mummy was fabricated. Pong his trial he was denied his constitutional right the defend himself and the jury excluded all blacks, 1 1 out of 15 were pro bar blacks. James Forbes stated that he was the first officer at the scene and that he immediately recovered both Mamma’s and Faulkner guns, although these alleged guns were not turned in until 2 hours later. Alfonzo Giordano who arrived 3 minutes after Forbes stated that when he asked Mummy were his gun was that he confessed “l dropped it beside the car after I shot him”, Mute who ended any such conversation was denied a gun powder residue test.

Cynthia White a known prostitute wrote a statement that described the shooter which pointed towards Mall’s description, this statement was only completed after several Jail visits for Ms. White which obviously means that the police made her Ill In order for her to be released. As to Mamma’s future its hard to tell. Police have wrongly placed him in Jail for over 30 years and aren’t likely to admit so. His best bet is to request to take part in the Innocence Project which is a non-profit legal organization that is committed to eloping wrongfully convicted people.

This project has led to the freeing of 312 convicted people, 12 of them who were on death row. It would be a shame for him to pass away incarcerated. Mute ABA Kamala was wrongfully convicted for a crime he did not commit. He was denied human rights, Lies were fabricated to place him In Jail, and his freedom was stolen from him. He has spent half his life In prison on the fact that the people who fabricated these lies were racist. This is an example of a hate crime that has strongly

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