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Marco Polo

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 11, 2017
Type of paper: Essay WritingHistory
Words: 331
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Marco Polo

Most famous European to travel to china knew many Aslant languages, served the great Kabuki Kahn for 17 years. A. Biological factors. I. Was not even born yet when his father left for his first Journey. Mother died young and he was raised by his aunt and uncle. His father returned when Marco was 17. II. HIS father returned Marco his father and uncle set out on a voyage to china. Marco met Kabuki Kahn who sent him to Chinese cycles on government business. Upon return polo was sent to fight Genoa his boat was overruled and him captured his is where his travels were documented.

After he was released he got sick and died on January 9th 1324. B. Notoriety I. Traveled to china. I’. Very well educated and skilled in merchant subjects such as foreign currency, appraising, and the handling of cargo ships. Ill. Became one of Khans helpers on Chinese government. C _ Classification factors I. He had a way of traveling better than most he knew about money and how to deal with foreign people. Lie. He was capable of being a good leader though he didn’t need to because his father and uncle had traveled before. Ill. Critics review on Marco Polo and his contributions. A.

What significant effect did he have on collocation/culture? L. Travel that was documented. II. Good trading skills. B. What are critics opinion on his contribution to his culture and country based on this research? I. Some believe that his stories were made up and exaggerated. It. Others believe that what he spoke about was true. ‘V. Marco polo has one of the most outstanding Impacts on civilization to this day. He opened the world of travel and he intrigued others to do the same. In his time era and our era by not only exploring other parts of the world but also commencing his travels to china for all to read.

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