Letters From A Birmingham Jail Essay

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Letters From A Birmingham Jail

Letter from a Birmingham Jail”, It really opened my eyes on how cruel the world used to be. It is ludicrous to think that If this movement had not occurred then we may still be living In a world of segregation. Martin Luther King changed the perspective of the world forever. In “Letter from a Birmingham Jail- he addresses that he has a concern with 8 clergy men.

He discusses the difference between “Just laws” and “unjust laws”. (208) “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” was written In a way that there would be no question about the point that King was trying to make. King compares himself to other liberal minds that have made an Impact. I feel Like he compares himself to them to prove the vision that he has and to, also, show what could potentially happen if segregation continues.

I support Martin Luther King’s ideas on pursuing equality for all of mankind. I think that there are some fights that should not be made but I feel like King did an outstanding job fighting this battle. Martin Luther King did what was morally and ethically right. Without the civil rights movement, I feel like our country would be a complete disaster.