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Kanpur Confectionaries

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 9, 2017
Words: 413
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Kanpur Confectionaries

The value of our case method[its not about the teaching style but the values which LEADER imparts] of teaching and curriculum which were designed to repaper people for the free market economy has diminished [it was not diminished rather it was not recognized by it ‘s partners].

Since 8 years we have not ventured into any other region, thus losing out on opportunities in other emerging economies. [extra information] Geographical advantages have also been neglected. All of our partner countries are very far from us resulting in high travel expenses which increases burden on us. Emerging economies such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia and limited free markets such as Cuba are closer not only in distance but also in culture. After being chosen as Executive Director [Junior] for expansion, I have been gathering information on countries which will benefit from our activities.

From the resultant analysis, Cuba has been identified as one of the strong candidates for any future expansion. Though Cuba is known for its high emphasis on education and health, it has been through decades of political and economic turmoil. Adherence to social market structure, increasing hostilities with US and lack of support from Russia added to their problems. These culminated in 1992 and Cuba went into severe economic crisis. To come out of the crisis. These steps raised foreign reserves, but they also increased imbalance in the economy with only a section of people getting access to dollars.

But as per many international observers, there is a great possibility of emergence of capitalistic economy in Cuba once the current leadership ends in near future. Adaptability of the participants to new environment is another issue. Expansion plans have been out of favor with the general membership. This can be attributed to the number of years of operation in countries of FUSS because of which, participants have developed attachment. With accumulated years of experience, there is awareness in participants [partners] about the expectations [?? ] of the students and the knowledge transition required for operating in these partner sites.

Any change in this setup will have an effect on participants and will push them out of their comfort zone [extra information]. The above analysis raises an important issue for us to ponder over: How can we make sure LEADER provides value in regions that it operates? Will expanding to new regions help in achieving the same?

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