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Han China Rome

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 20, 2017
Type of paper: Essay SamplesHistory
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Han China Rome

Desire for power led both collocations to create a well-deadlines, aggressive and trained military. Having this strong back bone gave them the capability to conquest and expand their lands, although the Increase In length and borders led to more perceived threats of security from outer nomads. This in fall caused more wars, as well as more conquests which all in all led to more power for the civilizations. During 300-200 B. C the Romans defeated the tribes’ of Samarium, Cartage, and the Hellenic kingdoms. In doing so they gained control all over western and eastern Mediterranean.

During the era of Han China, Emperor Www launched military operations south into Fijian, Gudgeon, and northern Vietnam, and north into Manchuria and North Korea. Mechanisms for political integration in Han China were based off of Confucianism. Confucianism teaches honesty in dealing with other people and respect for the emperor, obedience to law and orders, and respect for scholarship. In contrast to Confucianism in China, Romans’ practiced and emphasized on Roman law (a common legal system). Roman law is concerned with the relationships between people, their legal actions, and the right they have on odds.

The ideals and beliefs of Confucianism and Roman law were enforced by central authority, creating an overall systematic government for both civilizations Agriculture was the base of all economics in both Han China and the Roman Empire, therefore land was crucial. The land of the Mediterranean was preserved by the towns’ people, also known as Plebeians. These urban areas owned by the Romans got rich from manufacture and trade. Glass and metal, pottery, grapes, olives, and wine were all huge exports from Rome.

In both civilizations the extensive network of roads injection towns, cities, and frontiers promoted rapid communication, access to resources, movement of military and It facilitated trade. The Silk Road was one of the greatest gateways for trade during this era. It was created by emperor Www of Han China, In nearly 130 B. C after he discovered the Roman Empire. This expansion led new economic opportunities for China, Like the vast exporting of their goods salt, Iron, alcohol and of course silk. Woman In Han China grow from child to elder being submissive to the male.

As a child a woman submits to her father, when married she vomits to her husband, and when windowed she submits to her eldest son. Traditional beliefs are stated in a biography of the mother of Minimize. In her own wine, look after her parents-in-law, make clothes, and that is all!.. “. Chinese woman have no ambitions outside of the house, only to submit and do their duties for their men which in so in very opposing to the woman of the Roman Empire. Woman of Rome are seen to be “like a child”. As a child she is under the authority of her paterfamilias, when marries she’s under the Jurisdiction of her husband’s paterfamilias.

Unlike the woman of China, they are highly dependable on a male guardian to protect her needs and interests. Although, in both civilizations, the social standing of a woman remains depending on the level of hierarchy they belong to. Strong belief systems’ led Han China and the Roman Empire to maintain a resilient bureaucracy as well as strict views for women roles and standards, economically their success was based off of their surplus of land and goods. Due to Confucianism and Roman law, Han China and Rome shaped the begging of the imperial world, and started a great millennium for years to come.

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