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Foreign Support Henry Tudor Bosworth

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: January 8, 2018
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Foreign Support Henry Tudor Bosworth

He was also given ships to travel in. This was central to Henrys victory as it gave him the means to travel to England and was therefore able to challenge Richard and claim the throne. It made sure he had soldiers who would fight on his behalf and showed that Henry had strong, royal backing. If he hadn’t been given these gifts then he would have been unable to seize the throne. Philter De Chain©e and the French soldiers were an essential part of Henrys foreign policy and form an Important factor In Henrys foreign policy.

Philter De Chain©e was an experienced military leader In France and knew many battle skills. During the battle, De Chain©e led a swift tactical move which saved Henry Tudor from death In Richards charge. De Chain©e was given the new Earldom of Bath as a reward after the battle. The presence of the French mercenaries added strength to Tutor’s army, assisting his victory. The skill of these Frenchmen with the expertise of Philter De Chain©e saved Henrys life therefore preventing an early loss and by default allowing him to win.

The French soldiers also provided skilled support if no other support was pledged to Tudor on the battlefield, saving him for embarrassment and having to forfeit his claim. This reason also gave him the confidence to launch his assault on England, knowing there was little emphasis on gaining extra support although It would have been gladly appreciated. Henry Tudor had fled abroad many years before this battle, basically growing up In Brittany. This meant he made noble and royal friends and gathered support from significant European powers.

HIS absence from England made him appealing to the Southern Magnates as they could turn to his cause and not fear Richards wrath as he held little power in Brittany and France. His friendships and support from important Europeans gave him an advantage that most challengers before him had not been able to attain as they mostly stayed in England and were in exile for shorter periods than Henry Tudor, making it harder to establish the bonds and gain the support that Tudor achieved through his long exile. Factors other than Foreign policy enabled Tudor to overthrow Richard Ill.

Henrys strategy was to land in North Wales, the natural home of the House of Tudor, where the Tudor name was popular in order to build up support and avoid meeting Richards men. This meant there was no confrontation before Tudor and his forces were ready. It meant the battle was set on Henrys terms, when Henry was ready. It also gave Tudor an opportunity to prepare for battle, letting him plan In more and more detail on who was on his side and where they would be during the final battle. Powerful women assisted Tudor in overthrowing Richard Ill.

Henrys lands and great riches she was able to interest some nobles to her son’s cause. However, these were given to her husband, Lord Stanley, after Richard Ill discovered what she was doing. Additionally, on Christmas day in 1483 Henry made a promise to marry Princess Elizabeth of York. Although she didn’t directly help her future husband overthrow Richard, her royal Yorkers name attracted some loyal Workouts over to Henrys cause. These women helped gain Henry some support, giving him confidence that his claim was being accepted and that he could make his claim a reality.

Also, his promised marriage to the Yorkers Princess strengthened his very weak claim as the girl was well-liked as the daughter of the late Edward ‘V. It also helped people to accept his claim. Due to their fondness of the York girl they were more accepting of the young Lancaster being king as he would have his beautiful York Queen. Richards charge was an influential factor in Henry Tutor’s overthrow. Richard had a prime position at the top of Ambition Hill. He gave up this prime position in what most historians see as an ill-though through and reckless charge.

However, historian Michael Jones believes that Richard commanded this charge in order to honor his father, Richard of York, and show strong leadership. Regardless of the reasons behind the charge it led to his defeat as the Stanley entered the battle and Philter De Chain©e performed his special tactics. This was important as Richard gave up his advantage, meaning it gave Henry the advantage as the Stanley brothers could see the result of the battle and Lord Stanley, being married to Henrys mother, knew he would never be forgiven by Margaret if Henry was killed.

Also, as stepfather to the King of England, there would be greater advantages than under Richards rule. It also gave Lord Stanley and his brother the power to decide the outcome of the battle. In conclusion, I believe that Foreign policy was very important in allowing Henry Tudor to overthrow Richard Ill. If it had not been for the reign policy then Henry would have been unable to reach England in 1485 and therefore couldn’t have overthrown Richard.

Also, it gave him military support and royal backing which he would not have gotten without his foreign policies. However, I believe that Tudor heavily relied on the women in his life to gain his support. His mother was able to persuade nobles with her comfortable living though his fiance©e gained him some support with little effort of her own. I think this is the greatest factor as this actively got him support on the battlefield with English nobles and let him establish his name and claim in his home country.

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