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Disasters of Hurricane Katrina

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: January 9, 2018
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Disasters of Hurricane Katrina

Infamous day many people of New Orleans experienced horror, helplessness but yet hope. Comfort was o en of the main priorities for most citizens other than staying alive. The Sports Stadium or “Sup erode” only had a capacity of 77,000 seats plus the field size and even then 20% of the popup lotion or (100,000) people were left behind (Falser 10). The Dome was designed to withhold Nat rural disasters other than Hurricanes in the past.

Everyone prejudice about what was the o outside world going to look Eke after hearing the fierce winds and the roaring rain (Falser 13). Katie an, being classified as a category 3 hurricane struck with even more devastating effects than the SSE predicted by National Weather Service (“Hurricane” 57). Not only did Hurricane Strain affect the humanity of New Orleans but the sea life as well. With the Hurricane dragging powerful winds behind it, it left nothing but desert auction behind its past.

Water depths higher than 15 Ft; without a doubt, covered millions of houses and left people stranded on the little bit that was left from them ( Falser 32). Approximate lay 1 ,836 people died in the tragic flooding and thousands other’s gone missing ( Hurricane 1). Many people seeded refuge after several levees or ( high banks which keep a river or lake f room overflowing ) In New Orleans collapsed and the whole city began to flood ( Hurricane 1 ). Many effects were brought into play when this catastrophe happened such as, citizens unit Eng together s one.

It was no ones intention for this to happen but in order to survive people will do the impossible. This effect might have been bearable at first the worst has yet to come . G large lights were always on but there was still a lot of noise from all the children ( Falser 1 2). The famous “Superdome” was responsible to keep these citizens under control with food, shelter and the best ideas ever, people helped each other out and became closer. Another important fee CT that this natural disaster proclaimed was the electrical problems.

Phone lines were down hi chi meant no communication between the rescue workers and the victims (Falser 34). The hospitals were also in need of urgent energy to run the medical equipment and keep patients alive (Pals ere 34). The energy source was one of the main issues that millions of people had other than been g homeless (Strain 1). Everyone with their hopes up thinking it will soon go away and they can re turn home. Hurricane Strain was possibly one of the deadliest hurricanes that has hit the e U. S by far.

Not only did it leave people worried but it also left them secured on how the next futz ere storm will be. The storm had a major impact on New Orleans especially those near the coca SST. Even though it may have been one of the worlds greatest natural disasters that ever hit the e U. S. , at the end its still Just one simple rain that soon will go away. Few years after the hurricane you still hear about rebuilding going on in New Orleans because even if you fall you still have e togged back up and keep your head high.

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