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Caribbean Basin Initiative

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 16, 2017
Words: 1220
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Caribbean Basin Initiative

Section One of the poem- begins with a simile that creates an image of slinging Limpets ( a type of… ) in comparison to the travelers who cling to their boats as to their dreams; afraid even to ‘draw breath’ or not stir not even to smile or the boat might list and capsize. Senior pushes this Image even further when she says “we still in our graves”. Comparing the boats to grave- showing the fear and instability of their dreams- a Journey to better life. The poet also seems to play on the word grave suggesting Ideas of watery grave and a social/economy/political death If they should OLL to reach their destination.

Section Two- The pervading idea of dreams and a perennial economic crisis seems to be the main idea in this section as the ‘I’ speaks of his/her skill or a lack there of at farming and as farmer trying to build a boat to escape the hardship of trying to make a living. Senior, seems to suggest/introduce the failed purpose of the CB which should assist in the development of the Caribbean (Haiti) economy instead they look to the promise across the waters but find that its promise of a gate way to economic freedom is even more difficult to attain “What is harder than stone… Term” Section Three- The populously perspective is employed In the poem and Is continued in the third section. Seniors poet voice zeros In on cultural recuperation I. E. Myths and legend highlighting certain aspects of the crib- peoples cultural practices. My mother… Basin”. Again Senior uses pun to comment on the verbal line that is thrown to help the drowning man or to lead one to where you want he/ she to be. This section, unlike the previous two seem to have more than one voice, who try to Justify ‘discarding patriotism’ to the hand that fate death you.

What is your destiny is yours and no one else’s. Fourth Section- In this section the historical impact of the CB is made appoint as Senior comments on the many people who have sought escape but lose focus of the dream for a better life. On the other hand Senior also highlights the struggles over time, “so much bowling out”… Numbers kept shrinking ” In the cover of night which may symbolic of the CB and who really benefits.

Who stay a float “Not all trunks will float”, as the double entrance speaks to wood that floats and the trunk of the body- death. Section Five- Senior seems to personalize the plight of these refuges as she names deed/dream to escape the hardship of their lives. On the other hand she seem to allude to the idea’ that even the tree seem to be a reluctance/skeptical participant (possibly in reference to Caribbean nation’s reluctance) in people’s impatience with their own way of life. This new of wealth cause foolish and hasty decisions.

The second part of this section seem also to allude the CB implying that the hegemony of the US, who it seems created a nefarious plan, to intimidate our fool the weaker nations into believe the CB would be the benefit of the named region in this plan. She includes again the cultural practices of the Caribbean people stating that we should first look to what we have that can and in our development alludes to their cultural nationalism/solidarity, “Some rules cannot be flaunted” Section Six- The refugees seem to travel for what seems along time but still does not see the land they seek.

The metaphor “l hang… To my dream” speaks to the idea of despair, failure to find the “Gulf stream” but instead it they who are found “bound for an island” even worse than their own because it means detention by the US Military who “Reclaims” them by taking them to an island in the Caribbean axis- Augmentation- for repatriation. By this they are prevent from reaching Miami the AS. Section Seven- The voices become angry, frustrated and the idea sovereignty is highlights as these refugees resent this power of the US in their own region.

The sections structure is erratic as she uses long, medium to short sentences which highlights the emotions of the people and their forced acceptance of this power. Section Eight- has one line which is a prayer to a cultural being deity which the refugees seem to call on. It seems to contradict/rebel against the idea of the sovereignty. Section Nine- The use of the first person in this section personalizes the plight of the Haitian people allowing the reader to sympathize with their want of a better life.

It also suggest that due to the perennial precarious economic situation in Haiti, these boat will continue to do this (as this trend started in the sass’s and continues even today). That all though time passes it is a need/obsession “past all meaning” to try for a better life else where even though it would be pertinent to look to our shores that as Senior say “Though we from our bones” This also references the history of their ancestors who worked the land the fought for independence and one. The last word ‘lie’ seem to suggest a disillusionment of the Haitian people where the US in concern.

Stowaway by Olive Senior The voice in the poem suggest that he or she is in between sanity and depression/ mental breakdown. The persona seems on the point of discovery as the fracture in the mind seem to widen given more opportunity to view his/her thoughts which are chaotic and is bound to cause problems not Just the persona but for others. The speaker is optimistic that he/she will fix the problem and attentively awaits a solution even though he/she has no reference to know if such a employs the device interior monologue as the speaker pulls the reader into his/her personal thought process.

The reader cannot avoid the speakers discovery, anxiety, searching, emotional darkness, contemplation, uncertainty, need precarious position, blindness and optimism. This is evident in the writers use of the enjambment in the short lines following longer lines. The meaning is therefore achieved by reading on to the Russo line. The use of metaphor is also evident in the poem as the title as well as he poem itself suggest that the persona’s consciousness is a stowaway in the persona’s own mid.

Further, he/she refers to the mind as Journey of discovery in which darkness engulfs and presents danger. Also the idea soundings as in the act of ship trying to figure out distance of depth of the ocean I. E. The mind. That this distance seems far and unreachable but he/she will keep holding ‘in between’ as he/ she the promise land/ The use of the Biblical allusion as the end of the poem suggest the speaker is seeking/hoping for home/rest. Somewhere-be it in the mind- where he/she will exist in peace/comfort.

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