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Blood money quests

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 19, 2017
Words: 675
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Blood money quests

He is demanding that eaters should stop apologizing and “match their words with concrete and material benefits”. He wants people to ACTUALLY do something about it. 2) What other examples of compensation are cited by this article? Rodney Leon created the “Ark of Return”, a memorial that will stand outside he I-JNI headquarters. The British government borrowed 20 million Euros to meet 47,00 claims for loss of human property. Caracal established an official reparations commission in July.

Ukraine has still not sought compensation for those who died in Stalin’s famines and purges. ) What is the argument behind the claim for slavery reparations? When slavery was abolished, the most countries (as a whole) did not benefit as much… Unlike the slave owners who were given most of the money. He thinks that If any assailant Is going to be give, it should be carefully thought about and based on TODAY’S needs not the things we feel was wrong in the PAST. 4) What are the arguments against slavery reparations?

Because of price inflation, slave reparations today would be unfeasible because it would take around 10 times the global GAP to “fully’ compensate for this. ) Read the attached comment from Vacuumed and summarize his views. (This is a truncated version of his comment. The full version can be found by using the comments link on the “Blood Money” page. ) This Is crazy, both because of the complexity of apportioning victimized and responsibility on a tribal/ethnic/national basis, and because it flies in the face of legal traditions in the Magnetosphere.

The Caribbean states need to give their head a shake and think about what they’re suggesting-Call think, as a bare minimum, a distinction as to be drawn between reparations/compensation paid to the individuals who personally, as human individuals, suffer(De) from injustice, and “compensation” paid cut a cheese to a former pupil from a Canadian residential school, or a former Japanese-American internee, or a former sharecropper from the Jim Crow Era, or a survivor of British atrocity in the AMA-AMA era.

It is quite another to start “compensating” people for suffering they have not themselves had to endure. 10th would be ridiculous to Just start throwing around money based on what people’s commonality/ethnicity is, or what they look like. President Obama, for example, is an African-American. I think most people agree on that; we’ll leave the frothing “Birthed” fanatics, who deny his American-news, out of it. Most African-Americans’ ancestors were slaves, and victims of terrible injustice.

But, wait! It’s not that simple! His mother was a white American woman of British/Loris descent, and his father was an East African–he is not a descendent of American Slaves! So, under the rationale that says present-day individuals are eternally, heritable responsible for their ancestors’ sins, old President Obama have to pay his wife compensation for what his mother’s ancestors did to African-Americans?

Would his daughters have to pay themselves compensation, as their father was tainted by this sin, but their mother a “victim” based on inheritance? This is absurd. Even worse, some African-American freedmen in the United States owned slaves! How do you apportion guilt? Surely the chattel ownership of one person by another is evil, whatever the heritage of the slave master? Should we be looking to figure out which African-Americans are actual ascendants of freedman slave-owners? Compensation between nations would be even more insane.

So, the fifteen percent of Americans who are the descendants of slaves, because they are citizens of a rich country that benefited from slavery, would be expected to contribute via taxation and national-level reparations to a white citizen of Barbados whose ancestors owned slaves? That’s nuts! 0 He thinks that compensating for a whole race is not necessary and absurd. He feels this way because even if only a small part of a race was/is enslaved, the whole race would be getting paid.

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