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Uk Charity

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 14, 2017
Type of paper: ChildcareHealthSociety
Words: 475
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Uk Charity

This means that restaurants must specify if certain allergens are used in the preparation or present in the product. * The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges have made recommendations to reduce fast food outlets near schools, leisure centre and also ban Junk food adverts before pm watershed in order to take action over obesity. Http://www. BBC. Co. UK/news/health-21478314 Economical Restaurateurs are having to deal with the rising cost of food and energy as inflation is a a significantly high level.

The price of food is increasing, there is high demand and little stockpiles and because of economic uncertainty driving prices it is hard for restaurants to make a profit and try to keep their sales prices down at the same time. Social * Consumers leading a hectic life have a growing demand for convenience in the I-J. They don’t have the time to cook meals and would rather eat out instead. However, they also do not have a lot of time either to spend over a meal therefore, alongside quality they also expect to not have to wait long for meals.

In this area of the restaurant market, speed is a factor that is more important than quality of service. Technological * The importance of the internet is increasingly becoming an important role within the restaurant industry as consumers use it to locate venues, find reviews, scout restaurants and find good deals. Restaurants need to embrace this service in order to appeal to a wider audience than they currently attract. Objectives * Improve brand image * Increase repurchase rate * Increase brand awareness Specific. Objectives need to be precise about what you want to achieve. * Measurable.

They should be quantified e. G. How many customers do you want to be made aware of your new product? * Achievable. They should be capable of being reached given the resources * Realistic. Similar to above, but related to the given time scales. To fail to meet objectives can be demoralizing for staff, create problems for financial targets. * Relevant. They should be appropriate for the task in hand. A task or problem must be identified and the objectives must relate to that e. G. If you o persuade consumers that it is new, exciting and meets their needs better than anything else on the market! Targeted. All objectives must be specifically targeted to identified audiences. * Timed. There should be a time frame in which the activity and response (results) are expected to occur. * An example of a marketing communications objective: * To maintain Brand X as the preferred brand (or number one brand) of photocopiers among at least 50% of current I-J buyers in companies with 1000+ employees. * Or * To increase awareness of breast cancer from 35% to 50% within eight weeks of the campaign launch among 25-45 year old ABACI women.

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