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There Used

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 17, 2017
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There Used

There used to be a huge old apple tree near my granny’s house though at the time I was Just a shy little girl and all the trees In our garden were enormous giants for me. Every autumn the tree bore not very big and a bit sour apples but my granny managed to cook delicious apples with them. “Treat yourself to one more piece of pie, honey,” used to tell me granny. “You know an apple a day keeps the doctor away. ” “So it’s because of the apples that we haven’t got one in our village, isn’t it? ” asked I seriously one day. Granny only laughed heartily and said nothing.

And what could she say? That the good old doctor had retired a few years before and they hadn’t been able to find a new one because nobody had wanted to go to the middle of nowhere, meaning our tiny village, of course. I’m not quite sure whether it was due to the apples or my granny’s love and care or rather both, but I grew a happy and healthy little kid, feeling somehow protected by that gigantic apple tree, with its great thick boughs touching the sky. “An orange a day keeps the doc away,” used to say my mum giving me my standard school lunch box.

There used to be a piece of cake, a AR of chocolate, a can of Cola and an orange, of course. I usually had lunch after my third lesson. Slating In the school canteen my classmates and I took out our snacks and argued whose was the tastiest and healthiest. We used to be young and hungry so no matter who claimed the first prize our lunches were shared and eaten to the last crumb all the same. By the way, mummy is a wonderful cook and her cuisine is extremely tasty and a bit on the vegetarian side meaning we eat a lot of various fruit and vegetables, nuts and cheese, not only apples and oranges.

But you may easily uses her favorite special dish is the apple pie, of course. It is really fantastic and I suspect she has got the granny’s secret recipe which will be revealed to me one day, I suppose. Anyway, we try to keep to a healthy diet in my family, though apart from that everybody goes In for his favorite kind of sport as well, which together with the atmosphere of love and friendship, helps us to live through and survive. Unfortunately, It Is Impossible to do without doctors altogether. One has to vault a hospital once In a while, at least for a routine check, If not for a more serious case.

My doctor is a kind old man though I sometimes think he only pretends to be a doctor. Once I made an appointment with him and came and complained of some terrible symptoms threatening my young life. They were permanent sleepiness, declination to any work, especially homework or housework, and deep depression or feeling blue all the time. The doctor listened to me carefully, and asked me to open my mouth and say aha. Then he suddenly knocked me on my knee and after that gave me a terrible blow on my back. After that he listened to my heart, checked my pulse and imperative and, finally, wrote out a prescription for some medicine. One pill a day keeps the physician away,” he Joked and added, “but keep In mind that diet cures more than the lancet. ” On my way home I went Into a chemist’s and gave out the recipe. The old woman at the chemist’s looked through the paper carefully and shook her head. “I’m afraid that but for a pack of glucose with the vitamin C we can’t help you here, young lady” she said. “Why not? ‘ I stared at her in amazement. “You are a “If we were a McDonald’s and a Japanese takeaway combined we could surely help you.

Being Just a chemist’s makes it utterly impossible for us to serve you, sorry. And she gave me back my recipe. Getting interested I took the paper and started to read. Under the heading disease there was “common laziness”, and as for the medicine my recipe read as follows: 1 . A pill of glucose with the vitamin C once a day for a week. 2. A nice bowl of porridge for breakfast in the morning. 3. A big apple or some other fruit for lunch. 4. A well-done steak for dinner with plenty of vegetables, a clove of garlic and a pinch of salt. 5. A piece of cake with the five o’clock tea. A dish of fish and chips or sushi and a glass of Juice for supper. AS And don’t stuff your head with the things you don’t understand! So far, I have been following my doctor’s advice quite successfully with the result that I have been fit and healthy and on the happy side of life. Though sometimes I have a strange sensation as if I could feel the touch and smell of my granny’s apple tree blossoming boughs, invisibly protecting me against all the bad and evil things in the world, and hear my granny’s kind voice ringing softly in my ears: “An apple a day, honey… “

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