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The Symptoms

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 1, 2017
Words: 423
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The Symptoms

Volunteers Helpline coolers can only cater for a minute a part of people seeking help. Indeed, when “the Careers” have first advertised for helpline counselors they immediately recruit 90 volunteers but those one can only work two 4 hours a shift and not 24 hours a day. 1 out of 290 volunteers played an active role by working (8 hours a month or more) two 4 shifts hours a month or more. There has been wastage of 27% through training programs. The training cost 1 86 000 pounds, its means 500 pounds per recruits. In fact, It represents a lost of 105 500 pounds out of 186 000 pounds spent In training In 2 years. It means that only 80 500 pounds over 186 000 pounds had been managed effectively. There are 8000 attempted telephone calls per day but only 500 of them are being answered which represents only 6, 25% of calls.

After taking a brief look wrought the 1361 application forms, Carols observed that there were a majority of applicants who were middle-aged, middle-class women. That part of population is more likely to have children and spent less time working to take care of their children. Identify and analyze the problems We noticed six problems as a source of those symptoms: “the Careers” had 372 volunteers to answers calls. In reality they must have 900 volunteers to answer calls to be effective. It means that there is a lack of human potential of 528 people.

There were only 290 recruits out of 372 who had successfully employed the 10 weeks training program. Carols had no Idea of what qualifications are required to be a telephone counselor but still, she presumed to know what a good counselor does. The lack criteria in Carole’s publicity campaign. The campaign failed to describe the nature of the job and skills and capabilities required: be tolerance, respectful, non-judgmental, not faint-hearted, or naive with little or no experience of life’s darker side. The ability to acknowledge and take another feelings person’s seriously. The importance of leaving the caller feeling in control.

Explore options and don’t give a precise solution. Be a good listener. The recruitment was based on availability of candidate instead of their personal qualities. Indeed the Job specification emphasizes on being available eight hours per month whereas In reality, 15 hours per months will be needed. Because Carols was recruiting volunteers, she though that everyone fits the Job qualification and that the trailing program would be enough to bring up to the level requirement poorer candidates. It results of 20% wastage. Develop alternative solutions Select the alternative that you consider as “the best”.

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