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The Menstrual Cycle

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 8, 2017
Type of paper: BiologyHealth
Words: 273
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The Menstrual Cycle

Therefore there would only be one corpus lutetium in the ovaries of a woman who has given birth to identical triplets. An) Osteoporosis can be prevented by eating balanced meals including supplements of calcium, vitamin D etc. N proper quantities. In terms of lifestyle, being active and exercising as well as learning good ways to fall can help prevent women from breaking bones, in addition to increasing their quality of life and life expectancy. In terms of hormone therapy, some women take drugs to continue menstruating which will cause a release of the menstrual cycles hormones (estrogen progesterone etc). This can help to prevent osteoporosis and increase bone density.

The risks associated with this hormone therapy Include a higher risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease and blood clots. 40) Steroid hormones are known to cause cattle to gain weight and grow at accelerated rates and this increases the efficiency of the cattle Industry because the growth process Is faster and thus cows can be slaughtered earlier. This debate Is ongoing In addition with regards to Increasing cow lactation (see Powering for more Information on health effects to cows + humans).

The chief concern with regards to the use of BEST Is that when humans Ingest meat or milk containing excess amounts of this natural hormone, they can cause harmful effects to humans. Although the hormone Is natural, it Is unnatural to have high amounts of them and Canada for example has banned the use of growth hormones for this reason among others. The possible to humans through ingesting meat tainted with growth hormone.

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