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Smoking – the Harm and Effects of Smoking

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 12, 2017
Type of paper: HealthMedicalSociety
Words: 392
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Smoking – the Harm and Effects of Smoking

I decided to write about the harm and effects of smoking. I wanted to be able to let my audience know how an addiction can turn into a bad situation. In the essay you will be able to analyze the pros and cons of smoking and its effect to anyone and also giving a few more Information that many people do not realize or try not to remember. Another key fact Is the effects of second-hand smoke. I will go Into more detail and explain why this has been one of the major issues to lung cancer.

My argue of audience would be anyone from young teenagers to older generations. I am going to give my entire introduction. Although smoking helps with stress, it can also cause it unknowingly. This habit has been a struggle for many Americans that can lead to severe health complications and money spent. Now that the economy has gone down, It might be a good option for people to stop continuing a habit that may cost those thousands. The cost of cigarettes has gone up in recent years, but is still being purchased. Asthma has been another factor in the cause of lung cancer and could be of the smoke from cigarettes.

Can America really stop smoking or is it Just another myth? A. Introduction: What has the habit caused in society? Tobacco I. Harmful toxins it. Harmful to your heart Ill. How to quit c. Reasons to quit smoking lb. Family at risk v. Costs money wise VI. Health in general d. Pros & Cons vii. Better lifestyle veil. Future goals b. What is inside this lox. What Is really on the outside Is not what Is on the Inside x. Air pollution xi. Where do cigarettes end up? Xii. How do they decompose? F.

Second-hand smoke Eli. Effect on children XSL. Effect on people around you e. Environment g. Conclusion: xvi. Information is key xvii. Guidance xviii. You are never alone Bibliography Scares, Richard. “FDA: Tobacco Companies Must Reveal Harmful Chemicals. ” WebMD Health News (30 March, 2012) Retrieved by: http://www. WebMD. Com/smoking- cessation/news/20120330/FDA-tobacco-companies- must- reveal- ha armful-chem. Is Bell, Laura. “What Smoking Does to Your Body? ” Women Smoking (5, April 2012) Retrieved from: http://www. Homesteading. Com/health/women-smoking

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