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Sleep Research Paper

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 3, 2017
Words: 657
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Sleep Research Paper

A necessary part of life and a very popular activity for lazy teenagers. However, it is much more important than we know, as the amount of sleep acquired c an be directly associated with a student’s performance in school. The amount of sleep a PU pill gets, can determine how easy or difficult it is for the student to get the grades they aspire. Many students don’t get the recommended amount of sleep In part because of their physics ago, busy schedules, and how early their school day starts.

To try and help scholars work t o their optimum potential, many schools are switching their classroom start times to later in the day. There are many reasons why this action is both beneficial and detrimental. If the train section can be successfully argued to be more rewarding than adverse, would our Sheen Hi GHz School consider delaying the start of the school day? There is an abundance of evidence to support why Sheen High School (SIGHS) should start school later In the day.

Research has proven repeatedly that children who get the commended amount of sleep are shown to be more alert and mentally prepared to learn at school. As such, teenagers with the proper sleep patterns are more aware of what the err e being taught, and are more apt to achieve superior grades, strongly suggesting a late r start time would be beneficial (Harebell, Michael. ). This is validated by data obtained by sic entities who did research exploring how sleep and education are connected.

Many experts ex plain that the quality of sleep people have affects their learning because, during the potentiometers phase of the deep sleep cycle the brain collects and sorts out the days arm these needed events, it causes them to lose the ability to transfigure and arrange the me ores into solid data (Hoffman, Jan. ). Other positive outcomes students benefit from that are dir exactly related to more sleep include; students report less symptoms of depression, have 10 were car crash rates and have an increase in attendance and standardized test scores.

Student TTS who get more sleep are less likely be tardy, are less aggressive (get into fights), sustain few athletic injuries, and are more moderate in their tendency toward impulsive or risky decision making (Hoffman, Jan. ). Students who get less sleep than recommended are shown to have an increase in alcohol and drug use, be more sexually active, and have an increase in feelings of negativity. Students who are a part of after school Jobs are shown to have significantly reduced amount of sleep and to have an increase in negative thoughts, f leanings, and actions as identified earlier in this paper.

Not only do many pupils support the s witch to a later starting time, but a high percentage of teachers do as well. 80. 73% of secondary teachers’ opinion of optimal start time for first class period for the majority of student s is between 8:00 to 8:AMA (Hailstorm, L. , Kyle). A survey of high school students report deed on how often they experienced negative sleep related events at their school. The data c elected shows that due to a lack of sleep; “31% arrived late to school (because they overslept), 27% f students fell asleep in their morning classes, and 29% of students fell asleep in the afternoon classes.

Although the majority of students did not oversleep or fall asleep I n their classes, 87% of students reported that they felt tired, dragged out, or sleepy at least o once during the day. More than 50% of the students surveyed said that they had felt tired, dragged out, or sleepy several times during in the past two weeks (Hailstorm, K. , Teetered). ” A counter to changing the school start times is to Just get teenagers to bed earlier.

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