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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 29, 2017
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In this report will be explaining the different factors of research which is carried out within a health and social care environment. I also will be showing deferent people pollen on the subject; as well as showing examples. Research uses several different factors in the achieving the best results. This is an investigation in too subject as well as the study of materials and sources in order to be able to establish the facts and to reach conclusion. This is important as it allows people to learn new things like people and events.

By doing research it allows us to gather enough information to make the correct decision. It helps you improve your knowledge on the subject you are researching. An example of subjects which Is researched every day Is cancer, diabetes. Genetics and others. These are subject’s which soul haven’t been fully understood by a person. Therefore more research would need to be done to be able to act on the situation. Even though the nurses might not be able to get rid of the problem it helps them be able to come to terms and treat the problem effectively.

An example of this is a doctor checking the patients medical history. This could be something Like Breast Cancer which could run through the family tree. The way a nurse would check for this Is to touch patients breasts to see If they can feel anything unusual. They would also look to see the shape or texture has changed. They would do this to see if they can see the signs before it has had chance to progress. Therefore allowing the patient to receive the treatment which is needed the lealer than they would if the signs hadn’t been spotted. The nurse would ask the patient about their medical and family history.

If the patients history shows that a family member has suffered from breast cancer In the past the chance of them obtaining he deedless Is higher than a patient without It In their family history. They would check the medical history to see If any of the medication which they could be taking might effect the treatment they would need to treat the cancer. This is important as it allows the nurse to know the statistics about whether the patient could have the cancer. Also it allows the nurses to show the patient ways to check for the cancer thrillers if it is found they Havana got it.

Another way of researching is highlighting the gaps In provision. This means deterring what steps which Is needed to be taken In order to move from Its current to the desired state. This Is figuring out the gaps which are there which are needed to be fulfilled to achieve the desired conclusion. A gap analysis consists of listing of characteristic factors of the present situation. This could include attributes, competencies and performance levels (what Is). Another on is listing the factors which are needed to achieve future objectives. This means what should be. Finally is highlighting the gaps that exist and need to be filled.

They have to look at It as who they are and who they want to be In the future. This Is important s It allows agencies to be able to recognize the departments which are In need of service to boost it to the standards. This could be because of the time, areas, social class, population growth, living accommodation. The reason why time is because of the different health issues which have aeries in the past and present. The deferent area such as living in a urban city or a rural country side would effect the different health problems a patient could have. Such as in a urban city diseases would multiply a lot which happens.

Due to the population growth the amount of treatments which are even each day has risen due to more people being in need. The living accommodation could effect the health of a person; such as if the patient is living in a dirty run down house the chance of them becoming ill would be higher than a patient who lives in a clean, well looked after house. All these would be need to be monitored as I helps the nurses and other facilities to be able to supply what is need without any problems. An example of this is the gaps in the provision of emergency, out of school and holiday childcare provision across Wales has been highlighted.

This has been searched and found that a situations could get worse due to budgets cuts and the changes to benefits; which means more parents are looking for provision. This shows that without highlighting the gaps in the provision the agencies wouldn’t be able to see the gaps which are needed to be filled. Meaning they wouldn’t be able to change and adapt to solve these gaps if this wasn’t completed. Planning provision of service means planning ahead the provision to meet the public needs within the budget. This means making plans which outline what is needed to done before they would be needed.

To achieve this they could even carry out research before they do this. They should make sure each patient has their own audiovisual plan that recognizes their different needs. This could involve working with a range of different agencies to achieve this. Planning provision of service is for all invidious in all health civvies. There are five different ways in which a agencies would make sure this was done is referrals, assessment and diagnosis, treatment, transfer of care of discharge and care at the end of the life. This is important as it allows the careers or nurses to be able to plan ahead of the treatment which the patient would need.

This could involve researching to make sure they can achieve the best results. The provisions which are created have to be Justified; meaning it would meet the individuals needs. An example of this is a nurse preventing that and illness such as DEBT causing the patient a problem. They would do this by planning ahead the course of medication they would need before the problem could occur. This is therefore planning a provisional plan for the patients health. Allows the patients to feel like they are being looked after diversely.

Informing policy and practice is when a agency would identify priorities for the patients needs over the next ten years this the policy part. Practice is when using the policies in a practical way which would allow research into a current practice and how things need to be done can happen. There is a range of different ways a informing the information which is researched; such as statistical, narrative and conceptual data. This is important as it allows agencies to be able to do research in to different things and then be able to present them in a way in which can be understood.

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