Recording Vital Signs Essay

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Recording Vital Signs

How to record vital signs and other values….. Please note: Each patient’s report that has a generated report from both Alice and Sonata for filing medical records will also include the values of the patient vitals signs. This is the most accurate report reading for any medical staff to review, retrieve patient records for further patient care.

When the patient comes in and signs his/her consent forms It Is also Glenn the patient rights to have their medical records to be reviewed, regardless If the had chased to another provider or has moved. Also, the patient’s Insurance carrier that pays for the service and the patient pays their remiss for their continuous care can also review the patient reports. ***Keep in mind that ASSAM (American Academy Sleep Medicine) also has the right to pull a patient’s chart randomly, auditing at any given time.

You have two options to record the vital signs in the Tech Comments: Using the clip board method: (SONATA) Sleep stages—HER—Sass— OR (Respiratory Rater–Body Position ***(Please do not add any sleep stages as of yet until I work with each each one of you and sigh you off) Identifying sleep stage with confidence will take time and it is acknowledged. You will have handouts of the sleep stages and the characteristics owing your way!