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How To Be Healthy

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 19, 2017
Words: 415
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How To Be Healthy

It is good to be healthy. Health is a big and many-sided area of human life. I think that among all questions related to the humans body, the health must overcome all other aspects and become the main reference point for finding the answers. Health Itself consists of many things. Health problems may be related to Illness, Injuries or even your weight and to shed all that unwanted “substances” and keep them off, people have to be ready to face some setbacks and keep on trying.

As changing long- held behaviors is a skill in itself. Most think it is all about the food, exercises they should have when it comes to leading a healthy life-style. To me, that all come second because everyone is capable of doing those. But what really separates people who succeed to keep healthy from people who failed half way is persistence. There are always many things blocking on our way to being healthy. We may sometimes be lazy, have the “never-mind” attitude or felt discouraged somehow. Then, we started giving up and soon, back to square one.

However, I believe as long as our mind is resistance and not easily affected by anything, we will find ourselves nearer and nearer to our goal. It Is Like learning to ride a bike, you expect that you will fall down a couple of times and are prepared to try again and get back on; you need to have the same expectation when achieving this goal. You have to block out all negative thoughts and think positive. You have to keep it up as there is no easy way out. And think of all the wonderful things you will have when you success. But how are we persistent?

We are only that because we know what we want, we’re motivated, our mind is untouched and till all that turned into a habit. We know we won. Winning what we want with our persistent mind, fighting setbacks, the negatives and anything that is on our way. So the next time when you have decided, be prepared, be persistent. And you will be there, leading a healthy life-style. How To Be Healthy By Brookline itself consists of many things. Health problems may be related to illness, injuries or nearer to our goal. It is like learning to ride a bike, you expect that you will fall down a

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