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Hero Of The Underground Quiz

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 6, 2017
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Hero Of The Underground Quiz

As the book begins Jason believes that death would be a relief to the life he was living. A. True b. False 2. Which of the following drug withdrawals did Jason believe was the closest thing to hell that people would ever experience? A. Cocaine b. Crack c. Heroine Diane met Jason when she worked as a 3. A. Artist b. Dancer c. Drug dealer In the first chapter, Jason is having an argument with Diane. What were Jason and 4. Diane arguing about? A. Diane said she would keep a baby instead of having an abortion b.

Diane wanted to go taxation’s parents with him for the holidays c. Diane wanted to marry Jason, but he wasn’t ready for marriage. 5. According to Jason, people accept which of the following drugs because it’s considered a “success drug. ” a. Cocaine b. Heroine c. Marijuana 6. Which of the following drugs would Jason have felt embarrassed about having If he was arrested? A. Cocaine Jason left his apartment in New York and drove to his parent’s house in New Jersey 7. . A. To commit seclude b. To see his Aunt Lee c. To introduce his parents to Diane Which of the following beliefs does Jason have about life? Fate 8. B. Predestination c. We write our own story completed assignments. What was the reason for his lack of effort? A. Jason began using drugs b. Jason had health issues c. Jason wanted to fail 10. Which of the following colleges did Jason accepted a football scholarship to attend? A. Michigan b. Notre Dame c. Nebraska 11. Jason and Christian learned that their brother Damn had an injury that had the potential to leave him b. Paralyzed c. Both A and B . A. Brain dead 12. After Damson’s accident, Jason lost all respect for which of the following coaches? A. Lou Holt b. Tom Osborne d.

Neither A or B 13. Is the following statement true or false? As a college student Jason was an A student who looked forward to majoring in business. A. True 14. Which teammate became Season’s closest friend while he was in college? A. Dave b. Grant c. Muzzy 15. What were football agents recruiting Jason for before his senior year in college? A. Advertisements b. Modeling c. NFG 16. What was the ritual that Jason had before he played a game in college? A. He bought a new pair of cleats and kissed the bottoms b. He called his brother Damn for encouragement c. He was the last person off of the bus 17.

Jason compared walking into the locker room before a game to walking into a. A church b. A concert 18. According to Jason, football players do not fear the pain oaf hit, but they do fear . A. Humiliation b. Losing c. Not having a starting position 19. As the captain of the team Season’s pre-game speech is . A. A prayer that each player plays to his full potential without injuries b. Aggressive words to provide a last shot of adrenaline c. Encouraging words about playing for their families and friends 20. Which of the following bowl games did the Churchgoers play in Season’s senior year? A. Orange Bowl b. Rose Bowl c.

Sugar Bowl 21. Who did the media consider the man of the hour when before the bowl game? A. Coach Osborne b. Grant Windstorm c. Peyote Manning 22. Is the following statement true or false? Jason had respect for Peyote Manning. A. True 23. Which team won the Tennessee vs.. Nebraska Orange Bowl game? A. Nebraska b. Tennessee c. The game ended in a tie 24. After graduating from Nebraska which NFG team drafted Jason? A. Carolina Panthers b. Chicago Bears c. Jacksonville Jaguars 25. Is the following statement true or false? When Jason rented a nice condo he envisioned living there with a wife and kids someday.

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