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Health and Nutritio

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: January 7, 2018
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Health and Nutritio

Health and Nutrition. This essay is a paper mainly used for a health class. It talks about how to take care of yourself by exercising and eating right. BY Minicab What does health and nutrition do in your life? Well if your thinking that it doesn’t make a difference in your life then your wrong. It is probably one of the most important things in someone’s life. And it isn’t really very hard to stay in shape and eat right. There are many ways and reasons to stay in shape also! The first reason to eat right and stay in shape is very simple.

It is so that you can go UT and do things and be able to keep up with everyone else. This means that you would not be panting extremely hard after a small Jog, or even Just walking up a few flights of stairs. Other people probably find It very pathetic If you can’t do anything without getting tired. This is a reason that there is no way of doubting. Another reason is to simply live longer. Now who doesn’t want to live as long as they can? Well, the only way to live long Is to eat right and stay In shape.

The better that you eat early on in your life, the easier it will be to stay healthy when you are older. Now many people say that with the technology in the future that people will only need some kind of procedure or operation to live a lot longer. But in order to live until that time then people must stay healthy, so that they don’t die before that time. A third reason to stay healthy is for looks. Now everyone wouldn’t mind looking great. When one is healthy, that usually means that they are not overweight.

When someone Is overweight It really puts a strain on the physical activities that they can do. It is also a target for immature people who judge others on looks alone. So it is not a bad thing to be overweight. Except that it limits the physical activities you are able to do. A great reason that Isn’t thought of too often Is so that you won’t get any kind of disease or sickness. Many people don’t know that not being healthy can cause diseases to form. They think that it only comes from germs. But the truth is that Just being out of shape can lead to things like that.

A way that being out of shape and unhealthy can cause Illness, is when you don’t eat right and work out then your arteries will get clogged and you would need bye-pass surgery. And bye-pass surgery can be very dangerous, so you wouldn’t want to rely on it. Even though clogged arteries aren’t considered a disease, It is very similar to one because It can be deadly. There are definitely many reasons for why you should stay in shape; But what are some things to do to stay fit. And even better, what are some foods to eat to stay I OFF shape. But fortunately there are a few main ones.

Now working out is not the easiest thing to daily. But it is necessary to do it almost every day. The longer that you slack off, the more you are going to be out of shape. Your body requires that almost daily basis of workout once it gets used to it. If you don’t work out almost every day after your body is used to it, then it will feel very tired and uncomfortable when you don’t work out. Even though you may not realize that your body feels better after working out, it still does. This is because it works most of the muscles in your body, instead of them Just sitting there.

An activity that you can do to keep your heart, arteries, and veins in shape is to go jogging. This gets your heart pumping more blood than usual, so this means that it is irking harder than usual. If you Jog at least a few times a week, then you will notice that when you do simple little tasks like climbing up a few flights of stairs that it will no longer make you tired. You will also be able to run while playing sports easier (such as basketball). And doesn’t everyone Just hate getting those awful cramps around the gut? Well Jog regularly will help reduce or even eliminate these cramps.

So you could say that Jogging helps not only you heart, but your abdomen muscles too. It also helps your thigh muscles strengthen up. Which could help increase your retrial. Now, what can you do to lose weight. Well, the first thing that you would need to do is exercise a lot. Some things you could do are sit-ups for example. This would help lose the fat around the stomach. You would probably want to do about 200-300 in the morning. And then also about the same amount in the evening. But you should do each 200-300 in sets of about 25-50 reps. This should be done on a daily basis.

An even more effective way to work the abs is to put a weight on your chest so that your abdomen is lifting more weight than Just your body. Then there are always the legs that you might want to take fat off of. The most effective way of doing this is to simply go for daily walks or Jogs. A treadmill would also be effective fore this. But otherwise, just doing activities that you move and use your legs a lot in would be a good way of losing fat off of the legs. The last main part that people would want fat excluded from are the arms and chest.

To do work the chest, you should do bench press with weights. And to get the arms into shape, Just do exercises with dumbbell’s and ruling bars. These things will not only help lose fat from those areas; but it will also convert that fat into muscle (or at least most of it). There is another very big part to how to lose weight. That is what to eat. The main thing not to eat so that you can lose weight are meats. Especially fatty meats such as steak, pork chops, ham and bacon. If you must eat meat then try eating mostly chicken or any kind of poultry. It is O.

K. To eat some meats, but Just don’t overdue it or else all of your exercising and working out will do nothing. The best things to eat would be things like bread, salad, and any food that doesn’t contain meat. Also try to avoid eating chocolate, candy, and anything with a lot of calories in it. And another Also, Just try not to eat quite as often as you normally would, and not as much as you normally would when you do eat. And try using the “Slim Fast” type drinks. Because they help reduce your hunger, so you won’t eat as much and they are very low in fat.

The last main thing to do to stay healthy is to take vitamins. Vitamins put minerals onto your body that most modern day foods do not contain. One good example is vitamin C and Magnesium. Really, the only types of food and drinks that contain a significant amount of vitamin C are orange Juice and oranges. Also, many pills and vitamins that are out now contain supplements that would help you live longer and prevent diseases as you get older such as cancer. And who knows, maybe these vitamins help prevent and even cure many diseases that people don’t know they cure and prevent yet.

So Just read the back of vitamin bottles, and buy vitamins that notation the most of each of the most important minerals. Now it is very obvious that keeping healthy and fit will help people in many different ways. And there are probably many more that scientists haven’t even found out about yet. So it is cannot hurt your physical health in any way as long as you eat the right foods, and do the correct things to stay fit. So what’s there to lose? Everyone can do these things, and since there is no harm in them, why not do it? It’s a great way to help people lead better lives and live longer.

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