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Essay Outline Ester Lucero

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 15, 2017
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Essay Outline Ester Lucero

A small town with hospitals, doctors, and a Spanish speaking population vs.. A small Indian village In a Jungle. These two places are very different not only In location but also in culture.! (supporting facts)! 1. At the hospital you have modern day medicine and technology ! 2. The Indian villagers are known to work with natural substances from the Earth Itself. ! 3. The cultural differences between the locations, most Spanish speaking people usually following the catholic church while Native Indian views are a lot different. ! !

Conclusion & Lead in: Just by the authors description of the different places Angel has been helps us understand why the theme of magic is also important in this book. The different views of the characters from different places gives us a better feel of the story.! 2nd MAJOR POINT: Angel has been through the war and seen many people die but he lives on as a doctor helping the sick and whoever else may need it. Yet even with the modern technology and medicine Ester’s life is slipping away.! (supporting facts)! 1 . The “magical” herbs and dance that Angel had learned started to heal Ester’s mound within hours.! . Angel had witnessed this happen twice once with Ester and another time with his dying friend Negro Rivals from the war.! 3. The Ministry of Health conducted a search for the herbs but found nothing.! Because it is so advanced, the natural substances from the Earth had been the real heroes.! 3rd MAJOR POINT: After reading this story for the second time and acknowledging the settings and different cultures, I can see how the effect of “magic” plays a big role.! 1. I believe that natural substances are better for us humans since we lived off of the

Earth for years.! 2. I am confused to how these random herbs and plants saved a girl from dying even though most medicine has the nutrients from natural substances.! 3. I think overall this story showed me that even though we are evolving as a species we are still connected to the earth.! Conclusion: In conclusion I think that the settings of the story helped me better understand the theme, magic. The descriptions of the places helped me think of the different cultural aspects which made me see how this story would be considered magical. !

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