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Drug Info Speech

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 2, 2017
Type of paper: HealthSocietyYoung People
Words: 792
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Drug Info Speech

How many of you know someone who has dealt with drug or alcohol abuse? We have all been taught since a young age that drugs are bad and addictive, but we were never really taught exactly why they were dangerous and how they affected the people around us. I always wondered what makes drugs so delicate. These drugs make you become psychologically dependent on them to feel good, deal with life, or handle stress. Once you start taking these drugs you may feel like you can quit at anytime but eventually your body will crave the drug and without it you can start to have withdrawals.

Withdrawals usually include heavy sweating, shaking, vomiting, or even depression. The high that you first feel when you take the drugs often wears off and requires you to take more drugs, which can lead to overdose. When you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol you are more likely to do things that you wouldn’t do while being sober. Drugs alter your mind and can cause you to make poor decisions, become violent, destroy your health, and cause you to lose family and friends. So my number one question I had while I was researching this topic was why loud someone choose to do drugs and live a life this way?

Peer pressure from your friends, stress, mental Illness or a traumatic event can lead a person Into doing drugs. Drugs not only mess things up for your health and wellbeing they also mess up relationships you have with friends or family. My brother is an addict and I have not seen him for about a few months. He used to be my best friend and I would go to him for everything, but he had a son at a young age and the stress of being a young parent and having to take care of a family and all the big responsibilities led him to o to negative resources.

He had a friend who told him just try this it will give you energy it will help you focus at work and you will feel great. He started taking these drugs every once and awhile and then that turned Into him taking drugs multiple times a day. He turned Into a totally new person. He lost his girlfriend, his son, and he lost his home. He had gone from being a young kid who was athletic and had a great job and a family to becoming unreliable and unable to keep a job. The last time that I saw my brother he was sitting on a bus bench and he was extremely out of it.

You could tell he hadn’t showered in days, he was dirty he lost a lot of weight and he was asking people for money. In fact he was so high that he asked me for money when I walked by and didn’t even realize that I was his sister. My brother is a very sad example of what you can turn into if you start using drugs. Not only has it affected his life but it also affects my family and I. My mom and dad are constantly stressed to see if he is okay or try to get him Into treatment. My nephew does not have a dad and I lost my best friend.

My brother has been an addict for about two years now and my family and I still dread the call of him overdosing. Counseling Is available for the families of addicts but It never really does get easy. My brother Is Just an example of the many people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. “The question is frequently asked: Why does a man become a drug addict? Borough. Some people do not choose this life and wish they had an opportunity to get away from drugs and get their life back together.

There are rehab centers all over hat can help you get the treatment you need, you Just have to be ready to face it because it is not easy. Eve seen my brother go in and out of treatment centers all the time. You have to be ready for your life to change. My goal for this speech was to share my brother’s story and hopefully change someone’s opinion about doing drugs. Drugs may give you a feeling that nothing else will or take away the pain for an hour or two but what it gives you it takes away a lot more. Drugs will ruin your health, your happiness, and your future.

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