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CLP Psychology Of Health

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 20, 2017
Type of paper: HealthPsychology
Words: 473
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CLP Psychology Of Health

Morgan asks people if they eat fast food. One lady compares the U. S. Fast food restaurants to France fast food restaurants. Explain how McDonald’s differs in Europe and the U. S. What does this comparison tell you? VII. What is Mooring’s demeanor at the beginning of the documentary? How does this change or not over the course of the 30 day challenge? VIII. During the documentary, Jacob Asylum, the senior editor of Reason Magazine, talked about the differences in social acceptance between smoking and being fat.

Discuss in detail what he talks about. What are his points on both health issues? What is your own opinion? IX. Based on the documentary and your own research using sources listed above, what health problems are linked to obesity? X. Based on the documentary, how are nuggets made? XSL. According to the documentary, does McDonald’s provide the nutritional data of the foods they serve? Has this changed since the documentary? Are there any locations in the U. S. Where nutritional data is required by law to be available to consumers?

In your opinion, is nutritional data important? Does it influence your food decisions? Do you think it influences other people’s food choices? XII. Schools and Nutrition a. Give the epidemiological data on obesity In children in the U. S. Today b. In your own opinion, do you think children In middle school are able to make the “right homeless to make healthy food choices and eat correct portions, while at school when they are served things like fries, mashed potatoes, soda, cookies, etc…. C.

When you were that middle school aged, were you able to make the right nutritional choices? D. What was your diet like at that age? E. Did your diet differ if you were eating at home or at school? F. What was the biggest influence on the food choices you made? XIII. Near the end of the documentary, Neal Bernard discusses a drug that has a similar effect to those experienced by a heroin addict and a chocolate addict. Name the drug and describe he reaction in the two addictions when that drug is taken. XIV.

Do you think it would be different if a woman were to do the 30-day challenge? Why or why not? What other issues may come to play? W. Using your own research, discuss and describe in detail a healthy eating program that has been developed. (For example, Jamie Oliver’s Healthy Eating Program). How did you decide that this was a healthy eating program? WI. Do you think you could do what Morgan did? How much fast food do you eat currently? After watching this documentary, do you think this number will change? Why or why not?

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