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The House Fire

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: January 6, 2018
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The House Fire

My husband had already left for work and I was home with our two year old son, Cameron. Breakfast was already cleaned from the table and a load of laundry washing. We were Just settling In the living room to watch a cartoon. The next set of events happened rather quickly with a strange sense of slowness. It was the lights In our home dolmen In and out that Annulated my curiosity. It seemed as If we would lose electricity at any time. This was strange since It was a mild winter day.

Therefore the weather couldn’t be the cause of the problem. The only other thing I could think of was a blown fuse in the electrical box. I proceeded to the basement all the while losing and regaining electricity. At that time the basement appeared fine, with the faint light of a flashlight. I was a typical young housewife at the time. I was not only unaware but unsure of what to do. My only option was to call my husband at work. As I dialed the number my mind began to race. We didn’t have a lot of money and I was sure whatever was bout to happen would result in a hefty bill.

I knew we had insurance, but would it cover our problem? And then, his secretary answered the phone. I was hardly able to hear her with the crackling in the phone. Talking with my husband, I explained what was happening as I sat next to my son on the couch. My initial thought was a blown fuse. He knew we couldn’t wait until that evening to replace it so he promptly left work. As I hung up the phone I caught an unfamiliar smoky smell. I then walked into the kitchen and froze in my tracks. I could see smoke rolling out of the furnace duct.

And the smell of burnt wires was becoming stronger. As I stood there analyzing the situation, the once dim electrical supply had completely went out. Instinct was telling me to get our son to safety. I gathered him up and took him to the washroom to dress him in his winter coat and boots. At only two years old, Cameron was very Intuitive. He observed the smoke and felt my anxiety. He was trying to ask me questions. Unfortunately It was nearly Impossible to hear above the numerous smoke alarms sounding. I turned from him to get my boots.

I stepped approximately ten feet from him and heard him cry out In terror. I then realized, as I tried to look back at him, how thick the smoke had become. I Instantly ran back to pick him up. My son and I walked across the street to our neighbors home. As she called 91 1, I went back to our house in an attempt to find our animals. In the meantime, Cameron it. I wasn’t able to stay in the house. Instead I stood near the entrance calling for them without any luck. Within a few minutes, I was surrounded by firemen.

I answered their questions and explained the house layout. Before I knew it, the fire was out and we were examining the damage. The animals were fine and the destruction minimal. We found that our fuse box was the source of the fire. I can remember all my thoughts and actions. The stress of the moment embedded a permanent recollection of the event in my memory. The whole incident seemed to happen in slow motion as if it carried on the entire day. In reality, the whole incident happened in less than ninety minutes.

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