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I Cannot Help But Laugh Whenever I See

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: January 8, 2018
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I Cannot Help But Laugh Whenever I See

I cannot help but laugh whenever I see oxymoron organizations such as the Islamic Feminists, or the Christian Feminists. I admire their effort to promote gender equality, but their nativity is childlike. Can women hope to gain more religious ground? The simple answer is no. The Old Testament and Quern are clear In defining the superiority of men. Sexism Is prevalent In all current major world religions: The role of woman is that of a second-class citizen.

Women of faith will never be able to main more equal religious ground: If religion changes, It loses conviction, and If It loses conviction-it will cease to exist. Although patriarchy takes Its roots In religion, religion does not take its roots In patriarchy. Iranian Leslie contends that there was no such thing as patriarchy In original religion. Genesis Is the basis of modern patriarchy. Through carefully chosen quotes and passages, Anal Anal asserts that Muhammad originally thought of women as equal. Where as sultana Wishfully says she where’s her hajji as rebellion.

Nail Mina’ was incredibly deceptive in her claims. All though it may be possible to draw parallels to Iranian Seller by saying the Arabs were equal before the invasions lust like the Neolithic. It is not exactly the same at all. Mina tries to justify polygamy as feminist because it ensures the bride is financially secured. At times I felt she was writing satire, I couldn’t tell if she was incredibly arrogant, trying to be funny, or just stupid. Polygamy allows men several sex partner yet the woman is whipped for adultery if she has more than one.

Mina’ mentioned that Mohamed married sashay when she was 7 but failed to mention that he raped her when she was nine. She starts off her article by quoting Mohammed “Women are the twin halves of men” but she forgot quotes like “. “L’s not the attestation (knowledge and witness) of a women only worth half of a man’s? And that is on account of her short intelligence. ” “No man shall be questioned for beating his wife. ” Early Islam was always a patriarchal society, before the nomads came and even during Mohammed. There is no evidence that it was a feminist bill of rights

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