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Vivienne westwood essay

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 1, 2017
Words: 1354
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Vivienne westwood essay

To what extent do you agree with Viviane Westwood claim that people In London dress In a conformist style and look like clones? “Everyone looks the same and their clothes have never been so ugly”, believes Viviane Westwood (in Thomas 2012). Designer Viviane Westwood believes women in their ass’s have a better sense of style than the newer and younger generation. She may have a point!

If we have a general look around our streets at the young generation In London we will see that the vast majority of people wear similar fashions bought from well known high street chains Like “Top Shop”, “Whistles” and M”. People, especially the young generation, are easily influenced by everything around them. We are bombarded with trends on the catwalks, on t. V. Shows, on billboards, on blobs, in magazines and in shop displays. Celebrities are an easy trend starter, once they are seen wearing a current trend or with a fresh new hairstyle, teenagers and working adults grab their style and start copying them. The use of celebrates In advertisements also enables fashion firms to reach certain target audiences and influence consumers via the process of identification. ” (Easy. M, 2009: 68). What and who a celebrity wears influences the fashion trends. For example big fashion houses will give celebrities their latest designs to wear so that people like Iranian will say, ” I am wearing Jean Paul Guiltier”.. Or whoever. A designer who is associated with celebrities gains a huge following so that each time he or she shows something new on the catwalk It soon becomes the latest trend.

Celebrities have become Idols especially In fashion. In the world we live in today many look up to them and think that what they are wearing is what’s “in” especially young people. They think that the only way to look cool is if they wear what they see on t. V. Screens and magazines. Our peers also influence us. Once the most popular kid or our best friend wears something cool that they have seen on t. V. We all follow on. Retail shops know this and stock plenty of the same designs. As go into some of the most popular high street retail shops I see how powerful the celebrity Influence s. Oversized sunglasses which cover more of your face then Is needed are advertised by every celebrity imaginable in almost every store, gas station and mall and the reason why these sunglasses have become so popular and profitable is from the big celebrity representation, not from the need to cover up from the sun in London! It would seem that fashion trends are being set by a team of trend setter who forecast what we are going to wear long before we ourselves know. Color forecaster and textile designers often Influence fashion designers to create spring, summer, autumn and winter collections.

My impression from London Fashion week is that roll/polo necks and midi lengths are going to be the fashion this autumn. This influence is a clear example of how we are all becoming clones brainwashed by the trend setters. All ages are influenced but younger people are more easily persuaded to conform than others. I believe that people who have been stylish in their early years will stay stylish In their older years but that older people also have the bonus of having to look like everyone else. As Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 – 1962)said, “People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously.

This is how character is built. ” I agree with Eleanor Roosevelt as I believe that the older you get the more experience you gain which is the key to creating yourself and your own unique identity. Being stylish and being fashionable are two different things that are often mistaken for each other. Keeping up with the latest trends and spending money on designer brands does not make you stylish. People who are stylish have a good eye when its comes to detail and usually their fashion sense would come effortlessly without looking fake.

People who are 70 are often seen representing themselves with confidence and the reason for that is that they probably feel comfortable with what they are wearing as they know what type of clothes best represent themselves. Another factor which influences the creative style of the older generations is the fact that older people come from a time when times were harder and a choice of clothes ere not so readably available. They would have to make clothes last a long time and often wore second hand clothes from their family.

This forced them to be creative with what they had. They changed the look of an outfit by tying a scarf differently, or by adding a belt , or dying the color, or altering it with sewing. The older generation had to look at what they had available and make use of that. Rather than dolling our celebrities we need to start dolling our elders who have a good sense of style and creative minds. Viviane Westwood herself is well known for making use of everyday accessories, like safety pins and razor blades.

And also for making use of readily available materials to make a complete collection of clothes, as she did with tartan. This versatility and creativity is what Viviane West admires and believes is being lost with modern day cloning. She says, “l think stamped-out clothing is Just for clones and I think that everybody looks terribly miserable. ” http://www. En]ay-your- style. Com/Viviane-Westwood-quotes. HTML. If I had to disagree with Westwood claim it would be because there is a general trend at the moment for creating your own style with “vintage” wear.

There has recently been an increase in charity shops throughout the United Kingdom, giving the younger generation access to all sorts of clothes from all periods of fashion. To add to that, it is not Just charity shops that have seen has an increase in bringing influences from old fashion. There have been a lot of high street brands which have had vintage inspired ranges. A high street retail brand that does this is Urban Outfitters where a lot of their collections are inspired by vintage. In 2011 they had pieces from places all around the world and all the decades from the past.

Following their big success Miss Selfridges another high street retail brand started to bring collections that were vintage into their stores. “Gripped as it is by looking good and with a permanent shopping fever, Loon’s love affair with Vintage apparel seems to be a lasting 2010: 219). Its true that fashion trends come and go over time but vintage will always stay. You have access to the worlds of a sass’s punk rocker, the sass’s lady of war, and the sass’s flapper style. Vintage brings you into a world filled with history as well as a dream world where you can be Hoover you want to be through what you wear.

Vintage wear is definitely a creative It could be argued that Viviane is critical of the clone look Just to advertise her own rebellious brand “Red Label” but she insists that she wants to spread freedom of creativity, “Fashion is life-enhancing and I think it’s a lovely, generous thing to do for other people. ” “If you ask me what I think people should be getting next season. I’ll tell you what I’d like them to buy?nothing. I’d like people to stop buying and buying and buying… ” Http://www. En]ay-your-style. Com/Viviane-Westwood-quotes. HTML.

In conclusion I have to agree that the majority of people in London dress in a conformist style and look like clones but that we have an older population who have more style and a growing number of younger people who are learning to be creative in a the vintage way.

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