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Critical and Contextual Studies

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 1, 2017
Type of paper: ArtsCommerceFashion
Words: 823
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Critical and Contextual Studies

What role does fashion photography play in trend creation and fashion sales? Out of all the creative industries the fashion industry Is the largest employer being worth 21 billion pounds. However, without the Influence of fashion photography and advertising, how successful would the fashion Industry? How would the latest trends and fashions come to the attention of buyers without the help of photography?

This research paper will give an Insight to fashion photography’s general effect on the assign Industry, the benefits the fashion Industry has from fashion photography Including the creation of fashion trends and any problems caused by this. To show a good understanding of the field researched, the author has looked at secondary research as this shows what other researchers have found, what has previously been discussed about the topic and lastly what has been said by the fashion industry themselves.

Involved in this was looking at journal articles relating to the subjects mentioned, web pages and books. Firstly, the author will touch on fashion tree forecasting. The main body of this research paper the author wishes to argue the positive and negative effects photography has had to the fashion industry, especially through technological advancements with social media and the Internet. The author will also question the current fast fashion trends and how the increased popularity of photography has sped up this. Another key factor in all research will be the omnipresent factor of social class.

Lastly through a substantive and considered searched investigation, this research paper will reach a well-researched evaluative conclusion. When researching into the role fashion photography plays in trend creation, firstly the relationship fashion and photography has must be looked at. “The fashion world is extremely competitive and fast-paced. ” (Ferguson. 2007) This defines not only the way in which the fashion industry works, but fashion photography too. Of course, fashion photography relies on the current fashions, and in the omnipresent fashion advertising represents an artificial take on reality.

Photographer Irving Penn classed his time working for Vogue magazine as “Selling dreams, not clothes. ” This statement does sound strange, but in the large scheme of fashion advertising this is definitely true and overall shows fashion and photography’s relationship. In terms of high fashion brands this Idea of artificial reality Is consistent, as these brands tend to be very competitive with each other, whether It be the advertisement Idea, latest model or photographer to capture It the outcome Is usually the same.

When researching Into the role fashion photography lays In trend creation, firstly the relationship between fashion and photography must be looked at. Both fashion and photography can be fast paced, In the fashion world, it seems there is a pyramid format of the fall outcome of fashion trending being at the top and the steps taken to get to that point comes from the levels within the pyramid. Not only do photographers play a key role in this, but so do hair stylists, make-up artists, stylists. However, all of these focus on the look of the models or product and showing it to the world.

Of course the models do have to look good, but excluding being visible by audiences at fashion shows, they instead look good for the cameras. This may not necessarily be Just fashion photographer’s cameras as with the advancements in technology, social media does play a key role too not only to communicate with friends but is vastly becoming a way for images to be sent around on the internet faster, and also for designers, manufacturers and consumers to interact. “There will always be some industries that will be able to benefit from the social exposure a bit more than others.

One of them is the fashion industry. ” (Vaccine, S. 2013) “Selling dreams not clothes” (Penn. 1984) Bibliography Ferguson. (2007). Fashion Photographers. In: Ferguson What Can I Do Now? Fashion. United States of America: Infernos Publishing. 58. Main Text This should be an evaluation and discussion of your research findings, theme and questions including – A review and evaluation of your research approaches and the available literature on your theme, therefore determining what is known about this subject and what might be the limitations from the available literature.

An informed mapping of your research theme with examples, which should identify your areas of interest and a consideration of the questions that need to be asked of this research and why it is of interested to you. An informed statement on your plan of action for future research and an evaluation of the issues that might be encountered Conclusion This should summaries your key findings and ideas from the research that you have carried out and how it will help you in developing your further research. Reference List and Bibliography Include images if required

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