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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section provides you with answers to questions that are most frequently asked, so you could have the answers at your fingertips. If you do not find an answer to a question you have, you can contact our customer service here.

What kind of writing services do you offer?

We offer all kinds of writing services as described on our website. We also offer custom-written writings for every industry i.e. Finance, Law, Banking, Technology etc. simply schedule a consultation with us to describe your writing needs or you can communicate with our online chat support to field your project question.

Are all of your writers UK or US based?

One of the quality control measures we have in place is to ensure all of our writers are from the United Kingdom or United States origin, in addition to our review of each writer’s education transcripts. While aiming to ensure quality, we also understand this makes it easier to navigate the individual challenges that you might encounter in your essay or dissertation, something only a local would understand.

How much experience do your writers have in the provision of papers for academic purposes?

We dedicatedly ensure that our writers are classed the best in their field because we understand, for our continuity of our business and your academic progress, that only quality writers provide quality deliverables. So in addition to our writers having excelled impressively in their academic institutions, we do request and review papers written to keep up with our stringent quality requirements.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

To ease the process of payment and to get on with the important job of having your paper written, we accept all of the online payment methods. You can place your order on our site with most of the credit or debit card i.e. Mastercard, Visa Card or via Paypal.

Do you guarantee a plagiarism-free paper?

Visit our Guarantees page to view the guarantee we offer with respect to plagiarism.  At Writing Peak, we offer a plagiarism detection tool, where you can check any or all of your papers. The obvious benefit of this service is while we offer this to the public, we can conveniently check that your deliverables are plagiarism-free.

Do you offer other services apart from writing?

In order to be the one-stop location for your writing needs, we also offer proofreading, editing and other writing related services. Chat with our online support to inquire and customize your requirements.
What is a discursive essay?

A discursive essay is one type of essay in which you need to identify the subject of your analysis, and examine it based on different points of view, to bring many facts that confirm and reinforce your position on this topic. Also, an important factor is the clarification that each person has his own point of view, on which he relies further. The main thing is the objective analysis of information because it is precisely because of a discursive essay that is called because the discussion arose the truth.

How to write a discursive essay?

As already mentioned above, you need to find an item and conditionally place it in the room. After that, fill it with various spheres of social life that affect this subject. It is also worth noting that writing an essay format for each sphere is not appropriate, as it should be concise. If in the writing process you understand that you can write a lot more and do not reveal the topic enough, then you should write about each sphere of social life, and then choose the shortest, which is open and meets the requirements of writing.

How to layout a discursive essay?

It is the essay you need to split into three paragraphs, which you should use with maximum efficiency, since the volume should not exceed the standard limits, so each word is important. In the first paragraph, you need to formulate the subject of his essay to emphasize different visions of other people.
In the second paragraph, to solve the problem from one point of view, and to detail the point of view. In the third paragraph, consider from a different point of view, which has nothing to do with the previous one. And in conclusion, you can submit your point of view, but do it as much as possible objectively.

Why choose our essay writing service?

This is a very simple question, we have one of the best reviews on the net, and our customers value our work well and always for high ratings. You choose our service because we work best for you. Our copywriters can reveal to you the topic as much as everyone is responsible for their business. Also, do not wait long for your order. We always write the time of your work and carefully observe the terms.

How to select an essay writing service?

The main criterion for determining whether a good or bad service should be its customer feedback since they already bought this service and left their impressions. Also worth paying attention to the popularity of the site, since many popular services have gained their fame thanks to the diligent work of admins and copywriters. And the last criterion, which too should be considered is the site service. If it is made simply and conveniently and you do not need to search for the menu you need for a long time, you can clearly say that this indicates a detailed work and some of this service.

What is an academic essay writing service?

This is a service in which you can order Academic Essays without admitting to the bottom of standard mistakes that occur frequently.
In general, there are 6 types of charts: histogram (bar chart), line chart (line graph), pie chart (pie chart), table (table), chart (diagram) and map (map). Sometimes there are combinations of several graphs, for example, a table and a pie chart.
In your answer, you do not need to describe everything that you see in the picture. It is important to present information in a generalized form, to tell about the main directions and changes, to make a comparison.

How to use plagiarism checker?

The very principle of using the plagiarized test is extremely poor. You need to copy your text and paste it into the required coil on the site, then wait for the queue to check your document, and then add the document itself (the time depends on the number of characters in your work). Also, if you have a large amount of work that you need to check, then you need to buy the required number of characters in advance (many sites free checking is limited to several thousand free characters)

How to enter coursework?

In order to start writing a course work, you first need to create a file with your work, then you can make notes in it on the material you have read. Then the main thing is to create a plan of your work and make sub-clauses in order to break the work into smaller particles, and when you fill them in so that the work is not the same type, you can fill your sub-items in the different order. In the final analysis, you will not think that you have done hard and one-tone work, you can continue to obey this advice and all your work will be not the same type and boring, as you will also enjoy writing.

How to cheat on coursework?

In general, it’s far from the best option to smoke at the course, because in most cases, your work (at best) is canceled, if not deprived of the ability to protect. If you know that you can not write it or you just do not have enough time to prepare the information, you can always contact our copywriters and order a topic for your course. By the date you appoint, you will surely receive the materials you need and for a small additional fee, you can also prepare the text for presentation to the audience.

How to list college coursework on the resume?

First of all, if you need to complete a resume in which you need to specify all your coursework, you should be satisfied that you were able to find all the works that you have written for many years. You also need to believe that you have found links to your posts. If the link has become inactive, you need to be sure of this and provide a new one. Make sure that the links are not moved down or not mixed, since then it will be impossible to jump to this site. When writing a resume, you should look again at all links and titles.

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