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Confirming And Disconfirming Communicat

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 31, 2017
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Confirming And Disconfirming Communicat

Husband and wife. I am the wife and he Is my husband. 2. My husband Is the sender of the communication. 3. My husband said” I will always and forever love you In this world and the next. I will keep the love and chemistry between us alive and full of hope and energy Like the first day we met. Every couple will have their good and bad moments like teeth which sometimes bites on the tongue but I will always respect, understand and be with you. I will give you hand when you need support and shoulder to lean on when you feel lonely or sick.

No one can buy happiness but I will eliminate all the negative and doubtful things from our lives. I will feed you with soft spoken words and nourish you with my gentle touch. If all these things fail and you decide to replace me I will quietly fulfill your wish but I will be living with you in my dreams and your name will be tattooed In my heart. I love you for the moment and I shall love you more and more In the future. 4. What my lovely husband said to me was conforming because I recognized, acknowledged and endorsed thus making It confirming communication.

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