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Tram accident

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 21, 2017
Words: 374
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Tram accident

It was caused. In many cases, investigations proved reckless behavior as the leading cause; some action or failure to act. Suppose you fell and broke a leg. That did not “just happen”; there was no evil spirit putting a hex on you, or lurking in the shadows to trip you. No, there was at least one tangible cause. The odds are that the fall was your fault – that some act of yours or failure to act was the cause. Maybe you were hurrying down the stairs faster than usual. Maybe you were carrying an awkward load that put you off-balance causing you to slip.

There Is the probability of a dozen other “maybes” that boils down to you or someone else being the responsible. Likewise, accidents on the roadways “don’t just happen,” they are either caused by the action or inaction of someone. In June, a young driver under the influence of alcohol killed three persons while Journeying to Bernice. The Guyana Times published that the young man is still allowed to drive In spite of his reckless and fatal act. This was not Just an accident,’ It could have been avoided.

In addition, a minibus driver, who also killed a woman due to erratic driving on the East Bank road, continues operation as normal. Cases like these suggest that drivers are untouchable by law, hence leading to increasing negligence on the roadways. Although Guyana has enacted the relevant legislation to ensure that persons use the roadways responsibly, there are still major lapses In the system that need be addressed. All road users have responsibilities that are vital to the feet of others.

Quite often, most persons think only about themselves, instead of practicing the 5 Co’s – Care, Caution, Courtesy, Consideration, and Common Sense. Practice of the 5 Co’s would reduce the vast number of accidents and deaths caused by careless driving, irresponsible pedestrians, as well as owners of straying domestic animals. Finally, in order to avoid the high number of road fatalities, it is critical that road users adhere to traffic regulations, as this Is the best safeguard. Being “accident [doesn’t] Just happen,” but is caused.

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