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Speak Essay

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 18, 2017
Words: 514
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Speak Essay

All of the above prompts require that you reference actual information/ details from the novel and use them (along with appropriate MEAL citation) as evidence to prove your point. The process: Spend some time with these prompts, your book, and your annotations and create a ” map” or web of your own “big ideas” about the novel. This might help you decide which prompt (or another r of your own choosing) might be “easiest” or most natural for you to write, given the amount of Information o r Interest you have for that topic.

If you want your teacher to look at your web with you to discuss which pro met might work best, Just ask. 2. THESIS: You must have this checked by your teacher before you move on to step 3. This is what determines what information you will need and use. Essentially, what POP NIT do you want to prove or make with your composition? (This statement will end up in your introduction n, eventually. ) It should be interesting (even controversial, possibly) and provable. Create a plan for your essay, an outline to organize your ideas.

Come up with at least three (but up to as many as five) topic sentences which support or prove your thesis (each of these will b come the start for a DOD paragraph in your composition) and under each of them indicate the evidence o r “proof” from your annotations/ the book which you will use to support them (which will become the substance for EAI chi of your body paragraphs). Each of your body paragraphs will begin with a topic sentence; this sentence proves s mom aspect of the thesis, and then the rest of that paragraph supports/ evidences the topic sentence, as it all pertains to Speak.

Included in each of these paragraphs should be at least one direct quotation from the novel, cited appropriately using MEAL parenthetical citation. Your writing guide dictates how to us e things like “quote buddies” to appropriately lead into a quotation. Use those models as a guide. Now that you have a solid plan and know what you’re going to write, create an intros action for your composition. It needs to start with an attention getter; that means that you should war tie a few sentences that pull the reader in to your topic.

This attention getter does not necessarily have to be about Speak; it may just be about the topic of your paper or about an interesting aspect of what you learn De in thinking about/ planning it. The final sentence of your introduction will be your thesis statement, ex. city as it was approved. Rather than re state, here, things that you have already said elsewhere in your composition, present something interesting and new for your audience to consider; this may be something that you realized or that you learned or discovered while writing the body of your paper. Do not revert to second person “you” to

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