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Response Essay

Graham Greene uses the motif of light to symbolize power. One young boy Tremor, nicknamed T, took power in the gang over Blackleg to plan on destroying Mr.. Thomas house. While the gang was destroying the house, T. Found notes that he wanted to burn. The flame of the burning note only “illuminated his brooding face” (55). Only having T. ‘s face illume neat symbolized that T. Had the power, and he was in charge of all of the destruction that the gang “created.

While the burning note was a form of light “illuminating” power, natural leg HTH can be a sign that power is subsisting. “Streaks of light came in through the closed shutters where they worked with the seriousness of creators and destruction after all is a form of creation” (55). The gang had a different mentality on what the meaning and drawback of desert action was. For them it was something they wanted to do to “show Mr.. Thomas we don’t take bribes” (50), and to do something for fun. Mr..

Thomas never did anything wrong, and having t he gang plan on completely destroying his house Indicated that the gang had power over Mr.. Thomas. The Job was completely as they planned “when they touched a switch, nothing worker d” (55). Although light was used In several different ways, In each aspect of It, light was SMB logging the power that T. And the gang had power throughout the story, also showing that It I s remarkably effortless to destroy something beautiful than It Is to create It.