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Any paper works would never be successful in the presence of one person only. The project made possible with the help of various people. The trainee would like to extend her deepest gratitude to the following: Divine Creator, for His precious blessings that He had given, for His eternal guidance, support, love and perseverance; Dry. Jerome L. Genuine, M. D. , president and CEO of Gentry Medical Center and Hospital, Inc. For his believing the trainee throughout the internship process; Ms. Joana B.

Cruz, practicum supervisor of Purchasing Department, for her continuous guidance, support, dedication of her time, sharing knowledge, motivated and believed the trainee to do all the tasks in all departments of GENTRIFIED; Ms. Abigail M. Miranda, practicum coordinator of BAA-MOM 401, for her guidance and support to make this internship successful; Mr.. Reynolds San Mateo, CAB Dean, for his guidance, advices, support and allow the trainee to conduct Its on-the-Job training In Gentry Medical Center and Hospital, Inc. ;

GENTRIFIED employees and staffs, for patiently mentoring, coaching, guiding, supporting and believing the trainee of all the tasks to be performed by its department; JOT buddies – Paw, Susan, Paul, Jew, Shame and Merge, for supporting and helping each other within the company; BAA-MOM 401, classmates In Lyceum of the Philippines University- Cavity, for supporting and guiding each other through the happenings and situations experienced In their company; And to her dearest and precious beloved parents, for their unconditional support, eve, guidance, motivation, Inspiration, patience throughout her life and for beveling In her that she will succeed the Internship.