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Personal Essay

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 28, 2017
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Personal Essay

For most of my life, family and God have been the two things I value the most. As I’ve grown up, I have begun to value my friends who have been there for me through It all, the money that I work hard for and also the education that will get me where I want to be In life. As I started to figure out my strength and weakness, I realized my strength is what makes me who I am today. As for my weakness, they motivate me to be a better person than I already am. In high school I decided I wanted to become a labor and delivery nurse.

The PAP test shows that my score is ESP.. Which means I’m the performer. It said I’m easygoing, good at communication, and that I don’t enjoy working alone. All of those are true because I get along with anyone and everyone and I would rather work in a group than be by myself. The test said my possible careers are nurse, photographer, social events coordinator and also retail sales. Those are all Jobs I have considered going Into because I felt Like they would fit best with who I am.

The Typefaces test said my personality type Is NEFF, which Is not very different than my PAP test. This test said I’m the Inspirer which means I’m creative and can easily find success In activities and projects that interest me and I’m also good at motivating others. It said that I don’t like routines, and that’s very true because I always like to find new ways to do things, but at the same time I don’t mind doing the same thing over and over a couple of times. My possible careers according to this test are actor, teacher, artist, and trainer.

Those are also the careers I was looking into as I started to grow up. These two tests are not very different from each other and they also are both correct on my personality. I have always wanted to be so many things in life and still do today. I wanted to do so much that I don’t think I can live long enough to become all the things I want to become. On my Multiple Intelligences Survey, my top score Is a tie between musical/rhythm and body/kinesthesia. My second score is visual/spatial and my third score is interpersonal.

I think these intelligences really fit what I want to be, because being a ruse you are mostly moving around and doing a lot of things with your hands and you have to learn a lot by looking at what others do too. I have always been a hands- on kind of person because I’ve always learned best by doing. At the same time I’m really good at focusing on what I need to do. As for the LEAD survey, it said I’m a tactile person, which means I’m action smart. I prefer to learn things by doing it and practicing over and over again until I get It.

Being a nurse requires a lot of hands on learning so I really think that nursing Is the rarer for me. A learning style is the way In which each learner begins to concentrate on, process, and retain new and difficult Information. Our learning styles have been with us our entire lives and using them can make learning new things very easy for attending all my classes, paying attention in all my classes, and also use all my dominant learning traits to its full potential. My long term goal is to become a labor and delivery nurse by the time I’m 23 years old on November 13, 2019.

To reach that goal I have to first study hard in college to et my bachelors degree in nursing, second I have to find a hospital that will hire me. My fustiness’s mom is a Lab Tech in Memorial Hermann Hospital and I think she can help me out with that. Finally, the third step is to be the best nurse possible then it won’t be a Job for me anymore, but a hobby that I really love doing. The steps might seem very easy to achieve but there are a lot of obstacles I have to go through. One of the obstacles is studying in the medical field, I have always had troubles studying but this time I have to push myself.

I can’t play around anymore, I have a real life goal that is waiting for me after four years. Another obstacle will be finding the hospital, even when I do find it, I might not like the people I work with or I might not like how things are being run at that hospital. No matter what the obstacles are, I will always overcome them because I’m going to do whatever it takes to reach my goals. After looking at all of the test results and learning more about myself and my career, I am very certain that labor and delivery nurse is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

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