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Marie Antoinette Response Paper

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 20, 2017
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Marie Antoinette Response Paper

In the film, Marie Antoinette is portrayed as a selfish but innocent young girl from Austria who Is sent off to marry Louis Augusta, the Prince of France. As she gets accustomed to the rich life In France, she starts to be portrayed more as a selfish tee nagger who spends all the country’s money and is completely out of touch with the needs of the people of France. Her historic reputation shows her as rich, spoiled, and out of touch with the needs of the French people and the movie does a very good Job at portraying her as J just that.

Many scenes in the film shows us a different reason to believe that Marie Antoinette fife was a privileged party life. In the scene where her and her friends go to Paris tot he masked ball, where they drink and dance and meet men to be pleasured by. The next t scene that shows us that she had a favored party life is when she is celebrating her 19th birr today and she has a huge party at her castle and everybody gets drunk. The final scene that t shows us she had a privileged party life Is when Marie and a few of her friends go to see the sunrise and they bring a bottle of wine that they drink while they watch.

There are many scenes In the film that also show us the struggles and challenges Marie Antoinette had. Like in the scene when she is walking down the corridor and a II the French civilians are talking about her behind her back about how she hasn’t produce d an heir for them yet. Another scene that shows us the pressured life Merle has was when SSH e was reading the letter from her mom saying she needed to secure her marriage by proud icing an heir to the throne. Her mother says that she is disappointed in Marie because her is billings have already gotten married and had kids before she has.

The final scene that shows Merle had a stressed and challenging life was when she went to the opera and she started o clap and everybody stared back at her like she was insane. Everybody was judging her by then and she was embarrassed. Antoinette for many reasons. The first reason is I would not want to be sent away to marry some man I have never met before without my input and opinion on what I want to d Secondly, I feel that if I lived the life of Marie Antoinette, I would be Judged too much for the mistakes I frequently make.

The citizens of France were constantly Judging Marie Ant Annette on a lot of things that she really couldn’t control. Lastly, I would not want to be forced into a reggae and having children with a man I don’t truly love. Marie Antoinette was force De to marry and have children with Louis even though she truly loved Count Ferns. I think the director Sophia Copula included modern elements like music because without it, I think the movie would be extremely boring.

I think Copula made the rig HTH choice when adding the small modern elements to the film because without those tiny thing s, I would not have wanted to continue watching the movie at all. I think a modern twist on a hi satirical event was extremely successful because all of the modern things made everything a bit more elates for me. Without a modern twist, I think that I wouldn’t have been able to co multiple relate to what I was watching.

My personal opinion of the film was that I enjoyed it. I thought Sophia Copula did a excellent Job at really capturing the life of Marie Antoinette and how she was forced I onto a lot of decisions. Before watching this film, I only thought of Marie Antoinette as a poor gig RL who was forced into a lot of things in her lifetime. But after seeing this movie, it gave me a better perspective on Marries privileged party life and all the spending she did without think inning about her people beforehand.

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