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Indy Writing

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 20, 2017
Words: 659
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Indy Writing

“Neither will l” thought Sam. Sam heard the car turned on and drive off. Sam rushed to the coat rack grabbed her raincoat and umbrella and ran outside. She wondered what was on the other side of that fen CE. She didn’t want to wander too far away from her house and didn’t want to get caught out I n the rain If her mother got home before she did, Sam needed to get back before her mother.

What was behind the fence? Sam thought. Maybe I’ll meet some new friends or maybe e I’ll find an empty house and make It my secret hideout. How exciting! Sam thought. When Sam crossed the fence and looked around she noticed a tree with a strange SSH ape. It had strange colored leaves and it got her attention. As she walked near the tree she saw wooden box with strange markings on it. “What the heck is this box doing here? ” Could it be some sort of treasure? Sam said t o herself” She picked up the box and studied it. I began to rain and it started to come down hard.

The wind was blowing and the trees were moving from side to side. Sam picked up the b ox and started to run back to her house. When Sam got to her house, she ran straight to her room to see what was in the box. The box had a lock on it but it seemed to be unlocked. She s at on r why would someone hide a box in the woods with golden pen inside of it. So, she took the pen and started to write with it. She wanted to see if the ink was golden too. She doodle d a little bit and the ink was black like any ordinary pen but then, she wrote ca and suddenly a cat appeared.

Did I leave the back door open? Whose cat is this? What a crazy coincidence Sam thou ought. I just wrote the word cat and a real cat Just pops up from nowhere. How did this cat GE t in here? That was weird. What are the chances something like that would ever happen. Sam g tot close to the cat and started to pet it. “Hi Kitty, where did you come from? ” said Sam. The cat was so cute and cuddly Sam h opted she could keep it. When mom gets home she will say to find the cat’s owner or Just el it out.

It was cold and raining out and Kitty will have to stay at least until the weather got be utter. “Kitty are you hungry? Maybe a little milk will make you feel better. ” Sam went to the kitchen to get the cat something to eat or drink. She wondered what her mother’s reaction w loud be to come home and find a cat in the house. Sam heard the sound of the car getting closer. “Oh, Oh I think mom is home. ” Sam pi eked up the cat and ran back to her room and closed her door. ” I almost forgot about the box,” thought Sam.

She picked up the golden pen and then went to her room. Her mother arrived into the house. Sam told her about the cat. “We can can keep it but know I will need to go out again. “her mother said. When her mom when out again she wrote do g. Suddenly a dog appeared. The dog started chasing and barking at the cat. “What the heck is happening here?!! Sam screamed. “What should I do!? “Sam thought to herself She crossed out dog and it disappeared. “Hey this is cool! ” Sam thought to herself. She could do whatever she wanted. She coo old even change this story.

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