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How to Do Apa Referencing

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 8, 2017
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How to Do Apa Referencing

Book, similar information from multiple works Works are referenced in the reference list using the standard form, according to the source and number of authors. When information or ideas are sourced from two or more works the citations are sited alphabetically within the same parentheses.

Where there is more than one author the names are separated by a semi-colon. (Brown, 2056; Jones, 2056; smith, 2056) If they are by the same author, name the author only once and list the publication dates chronologically. Example (smith & Brown, 2050, 2056) appear only once and the works are identified by the publication dates and suffix. (smith & Brown, AAA, Bibb) Book, one source quoted in another Avoid where possible! It is better to refer back to the original source yourself so you can check the accuracy of the quoted material. If the original source is unavailable, use as cited in.

The original authors are named in your text, but only the source you actually read goes in the reference list. For example, if a study by Jones and Chain was quoted in a work that you read by Smith, you would only list Smith in your reference list. Author. (Year of publication). Title of book [that you read]. Place of publication: Publisher. Name the original authors and use ‘as cited in’ to refer to the secondary work you read. For example, a study by Jones and Chain was quoted in a work by Smith, but you did not read the study by Jones and Chain.

If the name of the original author is included in the sentence, the name and date of the secondary source you read is in parentheses. Jones and Chain (as cited in Smith, 2056) indicated that Otherwise, the original authors and the secondary author and date should be included in parentheses. Example A recent study Cones & Chain, as cited in Smith, 2056) showed that Short quotes from an author quoted in a ‘ p. 10). Book [article by another author.

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