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Fly On The Wall

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: January 8, 2018
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Fly On The Wall

Courthouse, an lemma jury helped decide the verdict of the sentencing of a young 1 rear old boy, who was accused of murdering his father. After the prosecution, eleven of the twelve Jurors voted the defendant guilty. I n the due process of law, the defendant has a right to a trial by Jury which is used in this cocoas on. To start off with, the eighth juror Is the only one that is convinced that the young boy Is I innocent while all the other men think he is guilty.

As I sit on the eighth Jurors shoulder, I hear him starting to argue with the third Juror. The seventh Juror really wants to go to his base ball game, so they decide to take an hour to talk about the verdict. I move over to the third jurors shoulder. He starts talking about the old man’s testimony. He states that the old man heard the boy yell “l am going to kill you” and he heard a body fall and saw the young man r UN out of the apartment. Next to the third Juror the fourth juror starts talking about the defend ant’s alibi.

The fourth Juror states that the young boy said he was at the movies, but he does not member what movie he saw or who played in the movie. Thinking to myself: I think that is a coincidence.. But I do not have a say In this because I am Just a fly on the wall. After a while, the eighth juror asks to see the evidence again. The foreman goes to the door and get s the knife. The fourth Juror flicks open the knife and jams it into the table. Then out of no where the eighth juror stands up and takes the same exact knife out of his pocket and stabs it I onto the table. Everyone becomes silent. They all start talking about the knife situation.

The boo y states 1 OFF e in the ruder, so it is either the young boy or someone took his knife. Eventually they take a another vote. It is ten to two. The eighth Juror tells the seventh Juror that they have to have re seasonable doubt in order to convict the defendant. The eighth Juror starts talking about his circa unsubstantial evidence, he tells how the father was not a good role model for his son and how he w as never there for his son, he was either drinking or in Jail. I fall asleep on the eighth Jurors SSH louder. When I wake up they are voting for the last time. Everyone votes not guilty and the De pendant is acquit from the trial.

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