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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 20, 2017
Words: 330
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I have identified are as follows: conducting research online, typing the paper on the computer, and turning the assignment in on time. I love the internet and have since early 2000 when I really started getting Interested in web design. I find that I have a thirst for knowledge and want to know more about any subject that currently interests me. I am also doing well typing on a computer versus writing essays on paper. The Marine Corps has a way of Instilling work ethic and that is where I believe my strength for being on time has come from In turning In assignments.

The biggest weaknesses I have Identified for myself would have to Include conducting research In a physical or online library, staying on topic, and organizing my thoughts that need to write the paper. I find that using a physical library can be time consuming and most of the Information I could find In a physical library should be online as well. As I am writing this discussion I have even had to go back and get back on topic, thus staying on topic Is another weakness. Some say I might have the ability to write well at times, the ideas come out faster than I can rite or organize them to make them flow correctly on paper.

Never having a real plan to overcome these weaknesses I have just adjusted to the strengths that help me counteract the issues I may have in writing papers. When I feel that the paper is too long for me to keep all the information organized, I outline my ideas to keep them in order, on topic, and flowing correctly throughout the paper. Using the internet has helped me overcome the weakness of going to a physical library, but I do plan on using the online library more often to get familiar with the way it is laid out.

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