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Critique Essay

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 19, 2017
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Critique Essay

Some may say critiques are too Judgmental and could effect on certain students. But ultimately, critiques have a chance to bring more confidence on students when presenting their own work. Once a student presents their work In front of the class, critics would express their pollen and would Improve that student’s way of drawing. It would trigger the student’s mind to work around the mistakes others have pointed out and work even harder.

Critiques could be harsh but it helps students use critical judgments on their work and develop skills in critical thinking. In Studio Art class, I have experienced negative and positive criticism on my recent works. This motivated me to work harder on what I should fix in my drawings. “Critics improve student confidence and get students used to critical Judgments on their work. This helps develop skills in critical thinking. ” can be argued true because for instance, my first art project is illustrating a shoe that relates to your personality. I had picked my very first basketball sneakers.

While I was planning out where and what part of the shoe I would draw but It was too plain and boring I decided to draw the sole of my shoe. There was a lot of details that I could Incorporate In my In my drawing. Once presentation came people would point out the little things that I need to fix, for example the angle of the shoe should have been tilt more to get the Illusion of the sneaker is on its side. This helped me to fix the angle of my work in order for it o make sense, instead of creating something completely different than what is really there on the object.

This enabled me to have more self-confidence because not everyone’s work were perfect. I learned from my mistakes which shaped me to develop new ways of improving my drawings. Some may say critiques are too harsh that it could emotionally break down students and lower their self-confidence. However, critiques are very helpful because it helps an individual to see their flaws and prevent students from doing their mistakes again. In the lines of “Strong students dominate.

The overtake Is as much of a problem as the undertaker. ” can be defiantly arguable. Students that are considered ‘dominate’ because they probably had experience In the past. No student can dominate any other Individual’s work because no work is better. The only person who should think your artwork is good enough is you. Other student’s work is different because we all think differently and have different ways of seeing things. Critics can often change an individual’s respective of things but it changes it for the better.

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