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Critical Thinking Essay

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 31, 2017
Type of paper: Essay WritingMedical
Words: 549
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Critical Thinking Essay

Is a Schedule I drug with no currently accepted medical use In the United States. Should the government reevaluate that listing? Response of 400 – 500 words with examples. Ensure that the essay is written and cited in PAP format. Ensure that you utilize critical writing and critical thinking. Yes the listing should be reevaluated.

When you looking at the evolution of healthcare and science you can see that as we progress our technologies we are finding that there are certain drugs that may actually be beneficial to certain sick people, examples are people with glaucoma, some people with dementia. Should the government be able to control a substance that could actually save or give certain people a better life? I’m not saying that all people should be granted access but I am saying that as we progress our medical findings In this field we should allow certain screened people the access If it will actually benefit their lives.

According to drugless. Gob “the marijuana plant contains several chemicals that may prove useful for treating a range of illnesses or homonyms, leading many people to argue that It should be made legally available for medical purposes. ” There are drugs that are definitely being tested here In the united States that if approved may actually cause the government to have to reevaluate the policy. One drug is called Satiate that is currently in use in the I-J and is now In phase Ill clinical trials here in the united States; this drug Is used to treat spastic caused by multiple sclerosis, and treating cancer pain.

From what I have read there just isn’t enough “large scale” test for the FDA to find that marijuana s a plant that should be used and approved as a medical use drug. In 2008, archeologist in Central Asia discovered over two-pounds of cannabis in the 2,700- year-old grave of an ancient shaman, After scientists conducted extensive testing on the materials potency, they affirmed the most probable conclusion Is that ancient cultures cultivated cannabis for pharmaceutical, psychoactive, and divination purposes.

If people were using cannabis back then for medical use what is the difference now? According to normal. Org in recent medical research from 2000-2013 he potential therapeutic uses of medical marijuana are epilepsy, gloom’s, ALLS, chronic pain, HIVE, sleep apneas, diabetes these are Just a few there are 21 different therapeutic uses according to A review of the Recent Scientific Literature, 2000-2013.

A summary of the Center’s clinical trials, published in 2012 In the Open Neurology Journal, concluded: “Evidence Is accumulating that cannabises may be useful medicine for certain indications. The classification of marijuana as a Schedule I drug as well as the continuing controversy as to whether or not cannabis is of deiced value are obstacles to medical progress in this area.

Based on evidence currently available the Schedule I classification Is not tenable; It Is not accurate that cannabis has no medical value, or that information on safety is lacking. ” With all this evidence pilling up in support of medical use of marijuana I stand behind my first statement Yes the government should reevaluate the use of medical marijuana.

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